Eating organic for a family of 4


BRATTLEBORO -- Think a family on a budget can’t eat all organic all the time? Think again. With proper planning and preparation, families of four can enjoy three organic meals every day for less than $25, according to tips and recipe suggestions offered by the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the leading voice for organic trade in the United States.

And, according to The Organic Center, the trusted source of information for scientific research about organic food and farming, families who eat all organic on a budget can also enjoy the full nutritious, sustainable benefits that organic diets offer and the integrity and reliability the USDA Organic seal provides.

"While there’s great momentum for organic sales, the overwhelming reason people give for not purchasing organic is because it’s too expensive. But there are many ways families can enjoy all-organic meals every day for about the same cost as conventionally produced food," said Laura Batcha, Interim Co-Executive Director for OTA.

Seven tips for making organic food more affordable:

* Buy in bulk. A mantra for all food purchases.

* Buy in season, then store for the off season. Organic produce is more affordable while in season, and holds its full nutritional benefits when frozen.

* Plan for the month, not just the week. By planning meals as far out as possible, you can curb your costs by finding multiple ways to incorporate organic ingredients many times over the month.

* Explore private label ingredients, which have gone through the same rigorous USDA organic certification procedures as name brand organic products.

* Join buyers’ clubs and loyalty programs. Many buyers’ clubs ship organic food wholesale to doorsteps. Also, joining organic farm CSAs not only saves you money, but directly supports your local economy.

* Shop at two destinations. With organic food available at most grocers, consumers now have the opportunity to comparison shops.

* Go by/buy the books. For extra inspiration.


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