Fish: 'Adolf Twittler' is not making America great again

I want someone, specifically a someone who voted for His Orangeness, to explain to me their president.

I really need to look deep into your eyes and see if you now believe that you've been duped within an inch of your life. I need to know if you understand that in his three short weeks in office, that exploded corn husk has absorbed nearly $6 million in taxpayers' money flying himself to his private $200,000 membership club. Every time Air Force One leaves for the Winter White House it costs you and me $3 million ... you do know that, don't you? So, if you voted for the screaming tangerine, I need you to tell me that you're at peace with it. I need for you to break it down and tell me that it's making America Great Again. But first, let me warn you, there will be nothing that you can say to me that will change my mind about how wrong he is for this country.

Also, if you decide to take me up on my offer and try and justify his actions I will ask some questions. I'll give you a cheat sheet of what those questions might be. First, are you one of the people that pitched a fit when Obama flew in Air Force One to attend his grandmother's funeral? Are you the person that was critical of Obama's golf outings? Because if the answer to any of these is "Yes," then you have a double-standard way of thinking: the new administration started three weeks ago and so far, two trips to Mar-a-Lago to unwind. Explain to me how that makes America Great Again.

Also, I don't want to hear he's working. That bloviating Bozo has no idea what he's doing. North Korea starts test launching missiles and the short-fingered fraud tweets about Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban not being smart enough to be president. First of all, why is this president still walking around with his Android phone? I remember clear as day that Obama had to give up his BlackBerry. But let's not get hung up on that insecure method of communication. To the point, Mark Cuban went on the stump against "That Tanning Bed Warning Label" at every turn. So if you want to watch/read someone come undone in 140 characters or less, you should follow the xenophobic clementine on Twitter.

So this guy has literally lied to us at every turn. Drain the swamp turned into something that can't even be killed with penicillin. Mexico's gonna pay for it? If it actually gets started it'll cost more than $20 billion to complete, which will probably be closer to $30 billion when it's done. But as it turns out you can't get blood from an avocado so, yeah, we'll be paying for it.

We'll also be paying for the Slovenian Botox Sponge to stay in New York City to the tune of millions of dollars when she should be staying at the White House. But if Adolf Twittler actually lasts the four years, it's going to cost us more than a billion dollars. So you do you see how important it is that we keep resisting, disrupting and protesting? There's too much on the line.

Okay, time for your lecture in resistance. If you use social media this will be easy for you to do. Go to the Briebart website, find an ad, take a screenshot. Then tweet or post the screenshot to the company with a non-offensive message (remember, we take the high road) with the hashtag #theresistance. If we stop the advertising on these types of sites they will be forced to report truth and get back to being journalists. What the hell is up with that?

Fish is the opinionated morning jock on Classic Hits 92.7. He offers up his opinion at 7:50 a.m. every morning (Monday through Friday). Let's start the revolution. E-mail him at The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.


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