Fish: Don't use the excuse of 'religious liberty' to discriminate


The topic today is religious liberty, or as I like to call it, backward thinking of a bygone era.

Now, what I'm saying is not an indictment of religion, rather the tendency of some to use said religion as a shield so that they may keep their thoughts entrenched in the 1950s.

As you may or may not know, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed House Bill 757 which would have given faith-based organizations the option to deny services and jobs to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. So, I tip my cap to the governor while at the same time I flip off Sen. Mike Crane who's going to try and to veto the veto. Once again I hear these things, look up at the calendar to confirm that I'm alive and well and residing the year 2016, lean back in my seat and have a mini-seizure while screaming at the top of my lungs, "Are you serious?" Also, they're trying to do the same thing in South Carolina. It's truly beyond my comprehension.

So here in 2016 people pick up guns, walk into schools and open fire. Here in 2016, extremists walk into crowded spaces filled with innocent civilians and detonate bombs. Here in 2016 the lack of civil discourse is at epidemic proportions. So here in 2016 the last thing we should be concerning ourselves with is what the guy across the street is doing in his bedroom. Here in 2016, there's a lesbian couple that lives down the hall from you and never ever says "Boo" to anyone. Here in 2016 there is a trans-gender individual who is just striving for normalcy. These people aren't a threat; these people are very much the fabric of our country and, frankly, we need not treat them any differently than anybody else.

So instead of focusing on all these people that pose zero threat to us, let's focus on those that pose a danger to us. Let us take all of that energy and focus it on something that really matters. Perhaps better ways to protect our schools, maybe finding the funding that would get us all to a safer place on this planet. I don't profess to know what will keep us safer. If you listen to the gun folks, it's guns. Maybe that's true and maybe it's not. Me, personally, I'm not a gun guy, I wouldn't feel comfortable "packing;" it's simply not the way I want to go through life. I would most likely misuse it and someone would get hurt. I do believe we should let those who are comfortable carrying to carry. But for me, it's not right.

But instead, there are people in this country that for some reason want to find a way to keep those who are gay, lesbian, transgender or transsexual out of the "Holy Donut" pastry shop (totally made up the name, by the way). They will hide behind the cloak of ignorance called religious liberty. But here's the funny thing: We live in a country that allows them to live free and that means worship what and whom they like. What if we created a law that allowed us to deny religious people service based on them believing in God? What exactly would happen I wonder? How would that feel? That being said, it would never get beyond a proposal, because honestly, most religious people pose zero threat. But then again, so do people of the LGBT community. So what the hell are people afraid of? Does a $5 bill spend differently from a gay person than from a heterosexual?

Look, here's my bottom line: We need to really focus on what's important, and that's accepting those who walk the planet peacefully regardless of race, color, creed and gender orientation. Rather, we need to turn our attention to making the planet peaceful, a place where we could all co-exist and just accept that people are different. I'm one person who doesn't give one rat's behind what you do and when you do it, just as long as you're not hurting anybody or anything. What the hell is up with that?

Fish is the opinionated morning jock on Classic Hits 92.7. He offers up his opinion at 7:50 a.m. every morning (Monday through Friday). Let's start the revolution. E-mail him at


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