Fish: I don't think it's funny anymore


Grrrr ...

I am so incredibly frustrated by this election cycle I could spit! I honestly try to walk a line that is right up the middle when it comes to politics. I believe that health is a human right and I believe that not everybody gets the same breaks and needs some help. I guess you would define those as liberal standards. Yet, I believe in defending our great nation at all cost and I also believe that we have the right to bear arms. Those, by current standards, would be considered conservative. In every single election cycle I can usually find a few things from each candidate that I can agree with. Until now.

I am saying emphatically without hesitation that I can find nothing about Donald Trump that I can agree with. Nothing that I could vote for. Nothing I could support. Nothing! If Kim Kardashian decided to throw her hat into the ring I think that I would be able to throw more support behind her than Donald Trump (and hopefully by now you all understand my disdain for all things Kardashian). Yes, we would likely be talking about legislation that would be proposed to make Selfie Saturday mandatory, but hey, at least she wouldn't try and make Mexico pay for it.

Here's where we are as far as I can tell. Donald Trump can't stay on any one position long enough to resolve it. He name calls, and thinks that he can walk into terrorist nations and "cut a deal." Does anyone else see the damage of the first 100 days a Trump presidency would cause? I highly doubt we could even get through the first trimester before the skies began to glow with nuclear weapons and everything we fought for in the way of freedom would be lost. Am I the only one that can see that Donald Trump is indeed Biff from "Back to the Future"?

I would gladly take a third Bush term before a Trump presidency. I would actually greet it with open arms. I would take the entire cabinet back and be the first one to volunteer to take Dick Cheney duck hunting. Seriously. Yet here we are with Donald Trump holding enough delegate votes to be one-half of the general election. I for the life of me can't understand how this happened; I can't understand who's voting for him, and do me a favor, don't talk to me about it. Honestly, because we'll never agree. Nothing worse could ever happen to this country than a Trump presidency — nothing!

Every morning I wake up and he's in the headlines I feel like I lost a bet that I can't welch on. I feel as though he would undo over 200 years of policy while we are arguing with him that Judge Judy can't be a Supreme Court Justice.

How did we get here? What happened? Maybe I'm the dumb one; I don't think I am, but I suppose anything is possible. If we teach our kids not to treat others in the manner that Candidate Trump treats people then how the hell can that many people vote for him? He never has a clear answer for anything asked, other than to say he would hire "the best people," "consult with the smartest people," "cut the best deals." I'm sorry, but those aren't answers. Could you imagine for one instant if Barrack Obama was asked about illegal immigrants and he said, "I'm only going to hire the best people to deal with it." We would have eviscerated him, literally run him out of the election on rails.

Yet, every time Trump opens his mouth it feels like it's the last thing he's going to be allowed to say ... but it isn't. He keeps pulling in people that would seemingly hurt his campaign (Sarah Palin for instance), but it doesn't. As far as I can tell we're treading dangerous waters here. This will be nothing we can Late Night Talk monologue away; it has frankly stopped being funny and needs to stop! What the hell is up with that?

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