Fish: Lies and lying liars


I truly hate talking about politics — it's a merry-go-round with a mixed bag of feelings that can leave you crying, laughing, enraged, laughing, and threatening to move, followed by more crying, laughing and rage.

If you meet someone with the opposite opinion as yours, what's the first thing you're gonna try and do? You are going to try and get that person to think the way you think. Waiter ... check, please! I once watched a fairly heated argument between a liberal and a conservative. The debate was hot and mainly had the conservative trying to get the liberal to come over to his side of the fence. It wasn't going to happen, not on the conservative's best day or on the liberal's worst. So it begs the question, why try at all? Because it's simply our nature to debate and I'm OK with that, as long as it's good. But let's not make rules that are unacceptable to everyone, like what Donald Trump did when he said he did not want his debate Friday night with Hillary fact checked. To which I thought, "Yeah, nice try, Chachie, this is where your ship gets sunk!"

But to my amazement a lot of networks didn't fact check. OK, so with that in mind and as long as we can now just do what we want, I would like to declare that the Yankees and the Red Sox play in the World Series. I know that two American League teams can't square off in the World Series, but we are living in the this Trumptopic Universe where we can just say the dumbest thing that pops into our heads and it seems to happen. And while I'm at it, the Red Sox can't have any outfielders; oh, and no middle infielders. Sorry, I'm a Yankees fan.

Doesn't that seem ridiculous? Because it is! Just like not fact checking a man who lies 90 percent of the time! But I guess if he's lying 90 percent of the time, why would you fact check him? His lips are moving so he must be full of it. This is the man that said he knows more about ISIS than the generals.

During the debate on Monday night he said he hadn't said at least five things that he said! Look what the man is doing to me; did you just read that last sentence? If someone had walked up to me two years ago with that sentence and walked away, I would have made sure I was still wearing my watch. We're living in ridiculous times. Times that allow a man like Donald Trump in the room and put him front and center in the conversation. Then, on Tuesday morning, the pundits batted around who won? Really! How is it even part of the conversation?

Many moons ago I went to see the New York Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles at Giants Stadium. Those who watch football know that Philly fans tend to be loud and proud. But the Giants won that day, and to quote Donald Trump, they won "Biggly," 35 to 3. As we exited the stadium, Eagles fans were humbled and quite. Why? Because they knew they got their butts handed to them. With that in mind, how could anyone walk away from that debate in the Trump camp and not be humbled. It's as if the Eagles fans' fist pumped at the three points they got.

Donald Trump proved to me on Monday night that he is not prepared to lead this country; hell, he's not even prepared to lead a Cub Scout Troop. This man can be nowhere near the nuclear codes, he cannot talk with other foreign leaders, and he cannot be allowed to deploy trickle-down economics 2.0.

The next debate is in two weeks, which begs the question, will he show up? Also, will he be prepared or will we be left saying, "What the hell is up with that?"

Fish is the opinionated morning jock on Classic Hits 92.7. He offers up his opinion at 7:50 a.m. every morning (Monday through Friday). Let's start the revolution. E-mail him at The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.


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