Fish: Locker banter from presidential candidate is indefensible


So for more than a year we've had this presidential candidate who has gone out of his way to not be presidential (whatever that means). He said racist things, ignorant things, misogynistic things. He has talked about foreign policy like he was a frat boy in search of his next shot of Tequila; he has offered opinions on things that no longer required opinion. Every time he opens his mouth you're reminded of that cocky kid you went to high school with that nobody liked but for some reason was tolerated. So I'm not sure why all of a sudden we're whipped into a frenzy and people are running away from him like he's handing out a terminal disease.

When we elect a president I truly believe it needs to be someone who can unify, someone that has the capacity to bring a nation together. How do they do this? Honestly, through words. How do they continue you hold your trust? Through words. Abraham Lincoln – "A house divided against itself cannot stand." George H.W. Bush – "Think about every problem, every challenge, we face. The solution to each starts with education." (even though it's a "W" quote, it's the truth). JFK – "Mankind must put an end to war — or war will put an end to mankind. " Donald Trump – "Grab them by the ." I'll just assume by now you know the rest of that quote.

So here's the funny thing – we've had recordings, video, actual tweets (aka written proof) that Donald Trump was an American disaster for the entire time he's been running for the top slot of the land. Then the October surprise hits with him having some locker banter with a man who delivers tabloid news in Technicolor and it took that for people to stop supporting him! Really, this shame will run deep for a long time. It will take decades for this country to kick the monster back into its hole. If all of that wasn't enough, somehow all of this has invoked the name of Bill Clinton. Sure, I understand the parallel. Sure, I get the similarities, with just one simple difference: He's not running for the presidency – his wife is!

I know what if feels like to have your candidate fail you. Bill Clinton failed me after I voted for him; he had an affair while in office, he was indeed a moral moron – I don't defend it, I can't defend it. Yet the Trumpsters hit social media with "Derp, derp, derp that video was 11 years old, derp derp derp, Bill Clinton has done worse to women, derp derp derp, where's Hillary's e-mails." I get it, if you're a Trump supporter you are crushed by the release of this video and you feel as though you need to defend your man. News Flash – you can't, it's indefensible, you're beaten, you can't win this one, no way no how. Sorry to be the one who breaks it to you, I know it's hard.

I started this column by saying basically this is nothing new, Donald Trump has been talking like this for an entire year and was still garnering the support of top Republicans. The party that freed the slaves, Lincoln's party has turned into a circus side show of reality TV. As a parent, if your child had said any of this you'd be appalled and disgusted. So why do we accept this in a presidential candidate? Honestly, it's like walking into an elementary school with the nuclear codes and letting the kids play.

In my 50-plus years on this planet I can honestly say I've never come across something as bizarre as this election. You can check facts until the cows come home and they have an answer for it – "the media is bought and paid for," "they made campaign contributions to that campaign." Whatever it is, they'll have answer. The punch drinkers didn't care about the "Grab them in the " comment. What the Hell is Up with that?

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