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We live in the United States of America, the land where you have the right to bear arms, yet it is illegal to shoot people. This is the land where we have the right to a speedy trial, but do we know that doesn't happen very often?

We also have the right to free speech. We can say whatever we want to whomever we want and hide behind the First Amendment. With some exceptions to hate speech – you actually don't have the right to physically threaten or intimidate people. So needless to say, when I heard the voice mail left by a woman who lives here ramble on with her anti-Semitic nonsense in voicing her displeasure with a proposed wind farm, I gotta say, I was shocked.

There are ways to handle your displeasure in something that will get your point across without attacking someone's race or religion. For instance, if you don't want a wind farm in your community a simple internet search could give you some ammunition. For example, this woman could have said wind farms are a threat to wildlife, the installation of wind farms is very costly, and they are very noisy for those that live close by. I came up with those from a simple web search, it took all of 30 seconds. However, this woman decided to go on a rant.

If you haven't seen the VTDigger article let me enlighten you as to what she said. And I quote: "You ______ are a Jew and you cannot wait to drive 28 stakes through a town full of free, white Christian men with guns, and unfortunately the way to attract free, white Christian men with guns to you is to try and take their homes.

"So, why don't you go to Palestine ______ where you can shoot the feet of Palestinian soccer players, you can burn babies alive, you can rape Russian sex slaves and really overtly enjoy yourself rather than this covert activity in Vermont where you think no one knows you're a Jew because you're going to find out that they do. Bye-bye."

(The name was left out of the article and edited out of the actual voice mail so that the person who was the recipient of this didn't have to endure anymore of it.)

I would encourage you to go listen to the actual voice mail. Not so that you can be horrified, rather that maybe you can identify the voice, because it would seem the Vermont State Police believe that there is a cause for concern.

This is not the community I want to live in where this kind of behavior is tolerated. I don't want to have in the back of my head that I could be sharing a sidewalk with this sort of vitriolic hate. For me this is not a member of a community in which I call home; this person who makes reference to being a Christian is by no means a Christian (or at least by the definition I grew up with). For me, the reference of guns that is mentioned in this voice mail is enough of a threat. But my favorite part of this whole thing is that she never identifies herself and blocks her number. There's a word for people like that — coward!

So lady, if you're reading this article, please know this — you are a coward! People like you put hate into the world and there's no place for you in our community so I would welcome you to peacefully move to a community that would better share your ideals. I hear that hell is a good place for people like you and you can go straight there. The only thing that redeems my faith is this, a majority of this community believes what I believe, so you will most likely stay suppressed – for that I am thankful. What the hell is up with that?

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