Fish: The drug crisis requires all hands on deck


You know there is so much inherently wrong with the planet, yet we, as humans, continue to spin the wheel and hope that it never becomes something we have to deal with.

Pick a topic, any topic, and the same will be true. Global warming, gun control, childhood obesity, cancer, drug addiction, homelessness ... you name it and there are going to be two opposing opinions on how to deal or not deal with it. So why bother? Why should you take an interest and what's the motivation for you to stop and listen and perhaps do something?

Honestly? Every reason.

Let's pick a topic that's safe and we can all agree on — cancer, a horrible disease; 1.6 million people in the United States got cancer in 2015 and nearly a third of them died from it. So I think we can all agree, cancer sucks! In my short time on the planet I have lost my mother, mother-in-law, and dog to cancer. I have countless other stories about cancer that make it tough to sleep at times. I do things to combat it, mainly raise money and put together events that raise awareness. But is it enough? When it comes to the war on cancer, cash is king, so raising awareness ultimately raises money and that's good, I guess. Even President Obama mentioned it in his State of the Union address by telling everyone that "America would be the one that cures cancer once and for all!" Then he put Joe Biden in charge of it, and for Vice President Biden, it's personal too.

So these are all really good steps in the war on cancer, but this is too big of a thing for one man to beat. If we tossed Joe Biden into the ring with 1.6 million people he would get swallowed up. So while the sentiment is good, and the effort will be there, it's not enough. We all have to take an active interest in curing it. Which means we all have to know more about cancer than we want to know. But with knowledge comes power and with power I honestly believe good things happen. Power in numbers, right? Everybody has a cancer story, so it's an easy one to get behind.

But what if we were talking about drug addiction? See, this one's a little harder to untangle. Because ultimately, one chooses to do drugs. Whether it's as simple as getting high in the privacy of your own home or entering into medication nation and jumping on the "Opioid Express." It's a tad harder to feel bad for someone who has chosen the lifestyle. But does the "choice" define the problem? I don't know that it's that simple. There are many different layers to a drug habit, much like there are many different cancers. What brought a person to do drugs? Chronic pain or a weak constitution? Any way you slice it, it's a drug problem. But how do we conquer the issue? Well I can tell you this, it can't be done if half the people are sympathetic and half the people aren't. So once again we need to deploy a power in numbers mentality and hit this thing from all angles.

When I was growing up we had pain killers and chronic pain; these things aren't new. What is new is how easy it is to get your hands on the pharmaceuticals that often lead you down the wrong path. I'm a self-regulating guy so I really don't want a bunch of government intervention on this, and I honestly wouldn't know where to start regulating. So with that it really falls on us to slow down the momentum of the drug companies that push this stuff. In short, if we're not buying, they're not selling. What the hell is up with that?

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