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Saturday November 3, 2012

I should have known when we first started planning our 100th anniversary kick-off publication that our readers would feel an appropriate sense of ownership. The people who live in our community create the news that we report. The people who do business in our community use our products to sell their goods and services. Since we published our kick-off section last week, I’ve heard from many of you with all kinds of feedback. Today’s note is written to thank you for sharing.

A couple of items are worth noting from the comments that I’ve received. It is interesting to be reminded by our readers of some of the Reformer’s accomplishments over the last 100 years. People called and wrote to thank and congratulate us for outstanding reporting on some of the major news stories that happened over the last century. I was asked why we didn’t take more credit in our 100th anniversary piece. That leads me to another point for today’s note: While we delivered the news and information of the last century, our goal is to celebrate the last 100 years of our community. As a news organization, we’re not often inclined to take the spotlight. We’d rather focus our efforts on quality products, on time and on budget. That means keeping our focus on the people who live and do business in our community.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind you that last week’s special section was only our first step at celebrating our first 100 years. We are still planning how we will continue this year-long effort which will continue in 2013. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more on this in the coming months.

To all of you, I again thank you for your feedback. Stay with us as we continue to celebrate our 100th anniversary while moving into the next century of delivering news and information.


Ed Woods


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