Glass half full for Gibson Aiken Center in Brattleboro


BRATTLEBORO >> A second phase of window repairs at the Gibson Aiken Center looked at safety, operability and energy benefits.

"They're not in any particular order," said Recreation and Parks Director Carol Lolatte, showing bids to the Select Board on Tuesday.

The request for proposals asked for cost estimates on replacing windows in the main gymnasium. Four bids were received, ranging from $10,942 to $77,000. But one was disqualified for not addressing all 24 windows.

Vermont Vinyl, which performed the first phase, will return for this job. The company's $29,875 bid came in under the $30,000 budgeted for the project.

The first phase focused on nearly all of the first floor, Lolatte said, including the gymnastics room, office room, bathrooms and conference room. Windows in two stairwell areas were replaced too.

"I know Mother Nature was very nice to us but we had a significant reduction in the number of gallons that we used at the Gibson Aiken Center," said Lolatte, referring to heating oil.

Margaret Dillion, hired by the town to conduct an energy audit on municipal facilities, brought an infrared testing tool to the Gibson Aiken Center when Lolatte was taking a final walkthrough of the building after the first phase was completed in October 2015.

"We could see there was some workmanship that needed to be addressed," Lolatte said. "That workmanship led to re-caulking of several of the windows because there was leakage. That was done immediately. Within the week, they were back in there."

Dillion was asked to come back again this fall to check out the latest round of window replacements. The service will be done for about $150, according to Lolatte.

A lot of programs happen during the day so the glass will be gray tinted, she said. Many of the department's camps still have slots open for the summer.

The project is expected to be completed by September 2.

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