PUTNEY -- Next Stage Arts Project will host a Green Writers Press Book Release Party on Thursday, May 1, at 7 p.m., at Next Stage, 15 Kimball Hill. Titled "Giving Voice to Writers and Artists Who Will Make the World a Better Place," the event is a benefit for Next Stage. Donations of $10 will be accepted at the door.

The Green Writers Press book launch and celebration party at Next Stage is a chance to meet the publisher, Dede Cummings, and two outstanding authors from the new press, and help launch of their newest titles, "The Beavers of Popple’s Pond" by Vermont nature writer Patti A. Smith, and "Winter Ready," poems by seventh generation Vermonter Leland Kinsey.

Green Writers Press is a new publishing company that considers itself a community that includes its audience as readers and not as "consumers." Green Writers Press "is a house where you can give support to local writers and artists who share your concerns; a place where you help spread the word about global climate change and its profound consequences. The more we work together -- readers, writers, artists, thinkers, activists-- the more effectively we will succeed in broadening everyone’s awareness of our shared challenges and the ways we can work to address them. With the Tar Sands pipeline proposal at a critical point of decision, now is the time to make our voices heard and to lend strength to those who are fighting to protect our planet and all the life that it nourishes.

"In today’s world of social media and online transactions, here are GWP, we remember that your head and your heart need nourishment from the natural world. With that as our credo, we embark on a journey to bring the beauty of the published book as a tactile object, into the homes and hands of our readers, and we also embrace the technology of tablet and eBook publishing."

"The Beavers of Popple"s Pond: Sketches from the Life of an Honorary Rodent, " by Patti A. Smith is set to be published May 12. Tucked away in a remote stream valley in Vermont, a colony of beavers is beginning the night’s work of dam repair, scent marking and tree felling, when a soft call alerts them to the arrival of the strange honorary member of their clan, this book’s author, Patti Smith. The beavers scramble ashore and poke eagerly about her feet as she prepares to picnic and to record the events that transpire on the shores of Popple’s Pond. Through the seasons and through the years these records -- here transformed into interwoven vignettes -- invite the reader to enter the world of the beavers and the other inhabitants of the wetlands -- Terrible Jack, the lonely moose; Henri the civilized goose; and the myriad small creatures that populate the night forest. Follow the trail of a bear cub through the moonlight, enter the low-roofed world of the snowshoe hare, or stand in the midst of a mêlée of flying squirrels. Smith brings a naturalist’s persepctive and compassionate voice to these unusually intimate stories.

Smith is a naturalist at the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center in Brattleboro, where she writes and teaches about natural history.

"Where has she been, this shining wonderment Patti Smith? She has been befriending a colony of beavers on Popple’s Pond and apprenticing herself to the marvelous creatures of the world. Here Smith tells her beguiling story with an uncommon wit, whimsicality, and devotion. I cannot say enough good things about this volume. It is heart-warming. It is magical, even spell-binding. It is beautifully written. This is a triumph of a book," wrote Janisse Ray, author of "Ecology of a Cracker Childhood" and "The Seed Underground," among others

"Winter Ready," poems by Leland Kinsey will also be published May 12. "Winter Ready" is a 96-page collection of new poems by a Vermont-based writer who draws from his impressive repertoire of observations and physical landscape of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to bring to the reader poems with universal meaning and at times a painful acuity.

Kinsey opens the collection perched up high on the chimney top, working and observing his surroundings, and throughout the book, he never really gets down -- he chronicles a people and a place and a time -- and keeps the hard work of writing poetry hidden in the seeming effortless verse that is often funny and poignant, yet always sharp and clear.

In this new collection by a renowned Vermont poet, the setting is the same, but the voice rings true to the people and the land they inhabit, always respectful of the native peoples who came before and the awesome power of a glacier that carved a path in its wake. These poems evoke a fully realized view of the world the poet inhabits, an awareness of labor and its changing nature. The book moves through poem after glowing poem, evoking natural history, flora and fauna, with a place-based and focused attention.

Kinsey, was born and raised on a farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where his ancestors settled in the early 1800s. He has conducted writing workshops for the Vermont Arts Council and the Children’s Literacy Foundation at more than 100 schools in New Hampshire and Vermont. He has worked as a farmhand, printer, and horse trainer and has taught courses at Elderhostel in writing, birding, astronomy and canoeing. He has published six collections of poetry, including "In the Rain Shadow" (University Press of New England, 2004) "Sledding on Hospital Hill" (Godine, 2003) and, most recently, "The Immigrant’s Contract." He lives near the Canadian border with his wife and three children.

"Cutting a fall cornfield, going to deer camp, making cider, fishing for trout, chronicling the annual migration of snow geese, chronicling the stories of his seventh-generation Vermont family -- these are a few of the themes of Winter Ready, Leland Kinsey’s wondrous new collection of poems. In Winter Ready, Kinsey uses meaningful rural work, American history, precisely-observed details of nature, and family relationships both to preserve a world whose like will not be seen again and to create an utterly original and timeless artistic universe," writes Vermont author Howard Frank Mosher,

"For his entire artistic life, Leland Kinsey has been chronicling the profoundest Vermont anyone might possibly know. Native son, he has an eye for the telling physical detail (I am especially taken, for example, by ‘Upland Birds’), which he always renders with nonpareil accuracy. But within his vivid sensory world there also lies what I must far too roughly describe as traditional Vermont’s spiritual history. Pure and even cruel factuality, elegy, resolution, loss and affirmation -- all these qualities fuse in poems like ‘Turkey Butcher,’ ‘Picking Stone,’ ‘Horseshoeing,’ on and on. One walks away from each of these marvels, as from every last poem in Winter Ready, with a sense not only of having been instructed but in some ineffable manner, renewed, even sanctified," writes Sydney Lea, Vermont State Poet Laureate.

For more information on Green Writers Press, visit or call 802-380-1121.

Next Stage Arts Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Putney’s cultural and economic village center through the programming, development and operation of Next Stage.


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