Halifax board weighs options for town garage roof repair


HALIFAX -- The roof of the Town Garage is in need of repair, but with only one bid received, the Selectboard isn't ready to go ahead with the replacement just yet.

"We're still looking at our options," said Selectboard member Lewis Sumner, who acts as the liaison between the board and the Halifax Road Crew. "We didn't award the bid yet."

Road Commissioner Brad Rafus had approached different roofing contractors for estimates on repairing the roof. Earlier in the year, there were leaks discovered in the building's roof.

On Sept. 9, the Halifax Selectboard opened the one and only bid submitted for the job. It was a bid for a roof replacement that would cover the existing one with a metal roof. The price tag of the replacement is $41,500, which is over the budgeted amount set aside for the roof. It would come with a 10-year warranty.

Sumner told the Reformer that the Selectboard didn't want to award the bid because there were too many unknowns with the presented option.

A member of the public was concerned about putting a roof on top of another roof. But Rafus inquired about the issue by contacting the company that put in the bid, All Roofing of Windsor. The owner of the company told Rafus that it's been done before.

"(All Roofing) told him exactly how he would do it," said Sumner. "(The owner) has done other roofs, not in this area but over in Stowe and around there. He puts the metal roof on top of the other roof but puts it on a little differently so he doesn't get condensation in between the roofs."

Sumner ascertained that the board still had the option to accept or reject any or all bids.

All Roofing also submitted a bid for fuel tank containment, which the board opened at the meeting. The coverage is to ensure that if fuel gets spilled, it won't go into the ground.

"We got to have a roof over the fuel tanks because that is the law now. So, we're going to put a salt shed on it ... with walls on the side," said Sumner.

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