Halifax boy seeks funds for cow moo-vie


HALIFAX -- Make 'em say moo.

That will be one thing that aspiring 14-year-old filmmaker Lars Rose-Andrews might have to do if his Kickstarter campaign reaches the $800 benchmark so he can purchase a new camera to film a documentary on cows.

"I love cows and I love documentaries," said Andrews. "I just want to show the true life of cows."

The project is called "Vermont Cows: The Moo-vie" and a Facebook page has already been dedicated to it. It can be found at facebook.com/vermontcows.

Half of the film's content, Andrews says, will focus on his own family's cows. They own five beef cattle. The other half of the documentary will focus on nearby farms in the Brattleboro area such as Sunrise Farm in Guilford and two neighbors' farms in Halifax.

His goal is to shoot and edit the film over a six month time span. He eventually would like to share the film with the community.

Although Andrews does not plan to fill the documentary with narration, there will be some talking. He will be primarily filming cows' emotions and actions.

"There's probably going to be a lot of close-ups," he said.

The cinematography rather than actual subject matter found in documentaries has always interested Andrews, who told the Reformer he finds it fascinating the way filmmakers tell stories through film.

In the past, he has filmed a couple 10 minute films. He hopes to make the cow documentary 20 minutes long.

"It's going to be pretty serious. I want to make it good," Andrews said.

The similarities he found between cows and dogs had changed his mindset. Before owning wet calves, he never thought of cows as pets. He only thought of them as a source of meat.

The wet calves take naps and run around the property with Andrews.

"I want to show that they're not just meat. They're like a pet," he said. "Since I got my cows, I have not eaten beef. It's hard to see such cute animals and then eat them."

The rest of Andrews' family still eats beef but he says they're cutting down on their intake.

As of July 19, Andrews was more than half way to making it to $800 for the new camera. And that was only within three days of starting the Kickstarter campaign that can be found at kickstarter.com/projects/362607437/young-filmmaker-needs-quality-camera-for-vt-cow-do.

He had 25 days since that day to get the complete funding or he will not receive any of it. That is part of the Kickstarter deal.

According to his Kickstarter page, Andrews has his heart set on a Sony high definition camcorder that usually costs $900. He plans on chipping in the extra $100 by working various jobs throughout the summer.

"Your generous donations will specifically help buy me this amazing video camera and in addition, fuel unimaginable creativity in me for a lifetime," Andrews wrote on the page.

Andrews will be an eighth grader at Halifax Elementary School starting in September. He is a lifelong resident of Halifax.

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