Hinsdale High and Middle School Honor Roll


HINSDALE, N.H. -- The fourth quarter honor roll at Hinsdale High/Middle School is as follows:

Grade 12

Highest Honors: Colleen R. Bedaw, Grace O Johnson.

High Honors: Elise M. Atkins, Rachel E. Atomanuk, Stacey A. Clement, Brooke S. Covey, Taryn S. Fisk, Rachel A. McCosker, Keanna B. Winter.

Honors: Breanna S Benjamin, Skylar A. Bonnette, Hunter J. Brooks, Samuel T. Calderwood, Matthew P. Crothers, Hunter L. Downs, Abigail N. Haskins, Tessa E. Pierce, Shantell J. Rizzitano, Allison A. Scott, Sarah E. Spindler, Robert J. Tacelli, Jacob G. Yannizze.

Grade 11

Highest Honors: Anthony C. Gringeri , Nicholas M. Yialiades.

High Honors: Jennifer E. Cole, Jocelynn C. Marshall, John B. Struthers-Howe.

Honors: Ultin S. Akeley, Kimberly A. Bacala, Erin L. Curtis, Charity J. Emond, Taylor J. Farr, Kathryn A. Fecto, Mary L. Lavigne, Justin F. Leary.

Grade 10

Highest Honors: Florin K. Handelman.

High Honors: Sebastian Scott Smith.

Honors: Jacqueline K. Atkins, Hunter S. Atomanuk, Matthew Boggio, Mariah L. Chapman, Zebulon D. Hildreth, Brittany A. Mattison, Joseph Edward McClenon, Jonathan M. Schriver, Jordan A. Simeon, Tara E. Tarbox, Amy M. Yannizze.

Grade 9

High Honors: Justin D. Giumelli.

Honors: Ashley M Drake, Skye M. Drake, Elise L. Fales, Tess Victor Finley, Grace L Gonzalez, Rebecca M. Gringeri, Samantha K. Lynch, Jennifer A. Matuszewski, Elizabeth R. Ryan, Kelsey N. Spindler, Cole O. Swanson, Joshua M. Webster.

Grade 8

High Honors: Jhivan D. Abdul-Cobb, Rachael E. Girroir, Emily N. Ricker, Sydney L. Sennett, Rebecca Ann Thomas.

Honors: Serena L. Beard, Sawyer R. Beauchamp, Ryan B. Boggio, Monika A. Costello, Ion F. Handelman, Gabrial R. LeClair, Connor F. Martin, Jade Concetta McClenon, Mariah E. Nichols, Kyra D. Rideout, Lauren T. Southwick,

Grade 7

High Honors: Makenna S. Cassavaugh, Jensen B. Fisk, Alexis B. Johnson, Brenden T. Sisko.

Honors: Garrett M. Carrier, Christian A. Currier, Ryan R. Dowley, Emma R. Fleming, Breonna Levasseur, Hannah M. Lynch, Shelby R. Martelle, Sydney R. Martelle, Daniel F. Roberts, Mariah L. Smith, Thomas M. Weston, Robert M. Willis.


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