Hinsdale High School honor roll


12th Grade, Highest Honors: Florin Handelman.

12th Grade, High Honors: Shawn Cole, Charity Emond, and Sebastian Smith.

12th Grade, Honors: Jacqueline Atkins, Courtney Domingue, Zebulon Hildreth, Dennis Labby, Zachary Lepisto, Cameron Morales and Amy Yannizze.

11th Grade, High Honors: Skye Drake, Cole Swanson and Joshua Webster.

11th Grade, Honors: Ashley Drake, Elise Fales, Grace Gonzalez, Rebecca Gringeri, Kayle Hussey, Kaci Kenny, Trace Kirkwood, Skyler LeClair, Samantha Lynch, Jennifer Matuszewski, Mathew Snyder and Ezekian Spaulding.

10th Grade, Highest Honors: Rachael Girroir.

10th Grade, High Honors: Serena Beard and Ryan Boggio.

10th Grade, Honors: Sawyer Beauchamp, Garrett Behan, Monika Costello, Victoria Gassett, Kramer Marshall, Mariah Nichols, Emily Ricker and Ariana Taylor.

9th Grade, High Honors: Alexis Johnson

9th Grade, Honors: Kelsi Clement, Carter Finnell, Emma Fleming, Alexis LeClair, Breonna Levasseur, Hannah Lynch, Shelby Martelle, Sydney Martelle, Naomi Molin, Daniel Roberts, Alexander Schwartz and Mariah Smith.

8th Grade, High Honors: Kaitlyn Ricker and Juliana Yialiades.

8th Grade, Honors: Mikayla Lee Carle, Erica Girroir, Dylan Harden, Gregory Howard, Ryan Labby, Ryan Lee, Steven Parkinson, Mackenzie Reynolds and Alexandra Yialiades.

7th Grade, High Honors: Kirstin Ames and Audrey Martin.

7th Grade, Honors: Lillian Burke, Kristin Davis, Tasia Kirkwood, Amaris Lentz, Aubrey Swanson, Amelia Tacelli and Eben White.

6th Grade, High Honors: Gabriella Huling, Megan Roberts, Thalia Stafford and Daniel Tetreault.

6th Grade Honors: Emily Carbonell, Kailyn Fleury, Liam Glodgett, Emma Hammond, Devin Lee, Micheal Lugo, Nicholas Mathieu, Trevor Parkinson and Victoria Rooney.


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