Hinsdale, N.H., honor roll, Quarter 1


High Honors, 12th Grade: Shawn Cole, Charity Emond, Florin Handelman, Harlye Saari-Butler, and Sebastian Smith. Honors, 12th Grade: Jacqueline Atkins, Mariah Chapman, Scott DeBell, Zebulon Hildreth, Zachary Lepisto, Brittany Mattison, Jonathan Schriver, Edward Senecal and Amy Yannizze.

High Honors, 11th Grade: Skye Drake. Honors, 11th Grade: Tyler Blood, Vivyan Braun, Jessie Desmarais, Elise Fales, Haley Gilbeau, Grace Gonzalez, Rebecca Gringeri, Kayle Hussey, Samantha Lynch, Jennifer Matuszewski, Elizabeth Ryan, Ezekian Spaulding, Kelsey Spindler, Cole Swanson, and Joshua Webster.

Highest Honors, 10th Grade: Sydney Sennett and Rebecca Thomas. High Honors, 10th Grade: Monika Costello, Rachael Girroir and Ion Handelman. Honors, 10th Grade: Serena Beard, Sawyer Beauchamp, Garrett Behan, Ryan Boggio, Victoria Gassett, Alexa Greenia, Kramer Marshall, Connor Martin, Jade McClenon, Mariah Nichols, Brandy Phillips-Tacy, Emily Ricker, Juanita Sprague, and Ariana Taylor.

High Honors, 9th Grade: Alexis Johnson. Honors, 9th Grade: Cameron Adams, Ryan Dowley, Carter Finnell, Emma Fleming, Alexis LeClair, Breonna Levasseur, Hannah Lynch, Shelby Martelle, Sydney Martelle, Naomi Molin, Daniel Roberts, Mariah Smith, Kali Tarbox, and Thomas Weston.

Highest Honors, 8th Grade: Juliana Yialiades. High Honors, 8th Grade: Gregory Howard and Kaitlyn Ricker. Honors, 8th Grade: Alexis Anderson, Mikayla Lee Carle, Trevor Cloutier, Charles Downs-Will, Cameron Doyle, Tiona Edson, Erica Girroir, Dylan Harden, Ryan Labby, Ryan Lee, Alan Nadeau, Steven Parkinson, Mackenzie Reynolds, Margaret St John, Alexis Stebbins, Hunter Stubbs and Alexandra Yialiades.

Highest Honors, 7th Grade: Audrey Martin. High Honors, 7th Grade: Kirstin Ames and Amaris Lentz. Honors, 7th Grade: Lillian Burke, Jason Cowan, Davis Kristin, Brianne Gaffney, Tasia Kirkwood, Aiden Leary, Sophia Miller, Angelina Nardolillo, Olivia Pangelinan, Kleay Steever, Aubrey Swanson, Amelia Tacelli, Austin Verge, Eben White, and Dru Zastrow.

Highest Honors, 6th Grade: Daniel Tetreault. High Honors, 6th Grade: Liam Glodgett, Emma Hammond, Gabriella Huling, Megan Roberts, and Victoria Rooney. Honors, 6th Grade: Elizabeth Baraby, Malee Barcomb, Rowyn Brown, Steven Bruns, Emily Carbonell, Kailyn Fleury, Charlotte Harden, Devin Lee, Andrew Lindsell, Micheal Lugo, Nicholas Mathieu, Hailey Nebelski, Trevor Parkinson, Carter Postma, Matthew St John, Thalia Stafford, Cody Swanson, and Caden Youmell.


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