Hinsdale selectmen to reimburse resident over disrupted event

Wednesday January 9, 2013

HINSDALE, N.H. - The town's Board of Selectmen has decided to reimburse a resident who claimed her special event was disrupted at the Millstream Community Center. Allison Moore rented out a space in the building for a gettogether a few months ago and she soon after let the selectmen know the family event had been interrupted by some youngsters, most likely after a movie night was held.

The selectmen reserved the first portion of Monday's meeting to hear from her.

"They were just rude. ... We had all of our stuff in there and they just came in. One of them went to the bathroom," she told the board. "We were just shocked and they were getting ready to leave, we were like, 'Who are you? What are you doing here?

"One of them was really rude," she continued. "My mom was just not happy. She said, 'I don't feel comfortable leaving our stuff here.'" Selectman Jay Ebbighausen said the board had decided to refund the fee Moore had paid, though he did not mention the specific amount. Moore said being reimbursed was not necessary, as that was not the objective behind her complaint.

"I understand that Allison, but (the center) is not supposed to be run in that fashion," Ebbighausen told Moore. "It's a community center that is enjoyed by all and obviously you were interrupted and we want to refund your money. You don't have to say another word."

He and Chairman John Smith said they appreciated Moore bringing the matter to the board's attention. Ebbighausen said several groups use the facility and Moore did the right thing because now the selectmen will make sure the Hinsdale Millstream Recreation Committee does a better job of communicating with anyone utilizing the building.

Selectman Mike Darcy said before the meeting headed into non-public session that he did not know what the fee was.

Moore said she did not want to get anyone in trouble but her family enjoys holding events at the community center.

In other business: The option to deed the Masonic Temple was tabled until the meeting slated for Monday, Jan. 28.

- The beginning of the meeting got a little testy, as Smith asked for a motion to approve the public and non-public minutes of a meeting held Monday, Dec. 17, before Richard Schill had gotten a chance to review them. The other selectmen were ready to go but Schill said he wanted to go over the minutes "with a finetooth comb." A few members of the board asked him why he did not read them earlier and Schill, who took exception, said he did not receive them via e-mail.

Schill defended himself and read through the minutes, making a few revisions. He then made a motion to edit the minutes slightly and it was approved by all members except for Ebbighausen.

The board then approved the revised minutes.

The selectmen went into nonpublic session at 7 p.m. to interview prospective engineers for the police station project.

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