How far can you go?

BRATTLEBORO — Following in the footsteps of Millionaire hosts Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira, Cedric the Entertainer, Terry Crews and Chris Harrison, it's my turn to put people in the hot seat and see how many Brattleboro-based sports questions they can answer in a row.

Feel free to ask the audience if you feel like other people in your house or place of work might be able to help you out. If you decide to phone-a-friend, somebody like Tim Rooney or Shari Henry might be your safest bets.

With the lights dimmed and the infamous background music sending chills up our spines, let's play...

1. Perfection

Twelve-year-olds Zinabu McNeice, Peter VanIderstine and Alex Bingham helped which Brattleboro Little League team to an undefeated season in 2016?

A)A's, B)Pirates, C)Reds, D)Red Sox

2. Superman

What did Will Franklin win four straight times, from 2012-2015?

A)Firecracker 4-miler, B)Brattleboro Decathlon, C)Tour de Heifer, D)BCC Club Championship

3. Champs

Who pitched the Just Jo's women's slow-pitch softball team to a Vermont ASA Class E state championship in 2014?

A)Judy Fowler, B)Karen Rancourt, C)Kelly Markol, D)Megan Pacheco

4. Flooring it

Which local driver won Monadnock Speedway's 2016 Mini Stock series title?

A)Dana Shepard, B)Solomon Brow, C)Hillary Renaud, D)Alyssa Rivera

5. Making History

What was the 2015-16 BUHS girls basketball team the first to ever do in Vermont?

A)Score 100 points in a game, B)Beat a boys team, C)Reach a Final 4 as a No. 14 seed, D)Wear jerseys without numbers

6. Ace

Brattleboro pitcher Leif Bigelow made a commitment to play baseball for which Division 1 university?

7. Mad Dog

Longwood University lacrosse player Madelynn Rollins participated in which two other varsity sports while at BUHS?

8. Snowman

Who is the founder of both the Brattleboro Outing Club (1921) and the Dartmouth College Outing Club (1909)?

9. Coaching Legend

What was former BUHS varsity softball coach Darrell Sawyer's nickname?

10. Superstar

Which BUHS grad scored 1,142 points on the court and pounded out 213 career hits on the field while at Assumption College?


1. The A's, 2. Brattleboro Decathlon, 3. Judy Fowler, 4. Solomon Brow, 5. Reach a Final 4 as a No. 14 seed, 6. UConn, 7. Soccer and Ice Hockey, 8. Fred Harris, 9. Squirrel, 10. Barbie Barrett.


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