Inauguration 2013


How Obama aged in his first term

Scientists disagree whether being president makes you age faster. Some say that the increased stress can accelerate aging, while others argue that presidents have advantages that offset the risks. ...


Second-term: Obama's four biggest challenges

President Barack Obama has set high goals for his second term. But Congressional gridlock, uneven public support and the ever-shifting news cycle could prevent him from achieving some of those goals. ...


After Obama, who will be the next first?

With governors' mansions and Senate seats increasingly occupied by women and minorities, the next historic first could be a familiar name. ...


Who will be the second black president?

President Barack Obama's path to the White House was seen by many as unlikely. But now that he's shown the way, some think it may be easier for the country to elect another black candidate. ...


Five key moments from Obama's first inauguration

Some moments from President Obama's 2009 inauguration provided clues to how he would govern. Others were misleading. ...


What we know about the Obama campaign's new makeover

Obama's campaign team Obama for America is going to get a big makeover this weekend as a "501(c)4 social welfare group," which means it's a advocacy group that can accept extremely large anonymous donations -- not unlike Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS. ...


10 interesting facts about presidential inaugurations

A collection of interesting factoids from throughout history ....


Six times President Obama has quoted Reagan

President Barack Obama loves to quote GOP hero Ronald Reagan to make points about his current Republican opponents and other issues. Here's a look at how he's used the words of the 40th president. ...



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