ITVFest selections chosen


DOVER -- Out of 288 project submissions in total, only 53 were chosen to be shown at various locations along the Valley Trail during the Independent Television and Film Festival next month.

"The initial committee watches everything," said ITVFest Executive Director Phil Gilpin Jr. "Then a couple of us get together. Everything gets watched by at least two or three people."

Submissions were due on June 30. The committee was responsible for deciding which projects made the cut and would need further review.

There were 140 submissions last year. Gilpin attributes this year's increase in submissions to word spreading from the mouths of last year's attendees and participants. New partnerships have developed since then, including the New York-based Backstage and the Boston-based National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

"It was rapid growth after last year's festival," Gilpin said. "Within the industry, people were really excited to hear about businesses in Vermont, how nice it was there and how nice the people are."

The festival is scheduled for Sept. 26 to 28. While it was held for seven years in Los Angeles, Calif., Gilpin said there were two years where there were less submissions than this year's count.

"It's starting to get back on pace where it was when it was in Hollywood," he added.

The ticket sales are coming in faster this year. And if those are doubled -- as the submissions did -- there may be 2,000 people attending the event, Gilpin told the Reformer.

Submission guidelines are kept to a minimum to ensure that no projects are immediately eliminated. There are three categories: Television pilots, webseries and films. The television pilots can be 30 minutes to one hour long while webseries creators must have three episodes produced.

A film can fall into three subcategorizes, such as documentary, feature or short film. Documentaries are typically 70 minutes or more. Short films are 25 minutes or less.

"Besides that, anything goes," Gilpin said. "We want to make sure we see as many things from around the world as we can."

This year, there were approved selections from Israel and Australia. There were also Vermont-based projects that were approved. The complete list can be found at

The next step for ITVFest organizers will be finalizing the screening schedule and assisting VIPs with their travel schedule. Organizers will also focus on ticket sales.

"We changed the location this year. It's just going to be in Dover. We'll have more people in a smaller area so the energy's going to be higher," said Gilpin. "We know it's going to be bigger. The question is by how much?"

A deal ensured the festival will be held in Dover until 2017. The contract will be renewed as long as there is not two consecutive years of audience decline.

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