Jamaica fire victims getting help

Saturday February 2, 2013

JAMAICA -- The occupants of the house damaged in a fire early Tuesday morning are receiving assistance from the community.

The fire had been difficult for firefighters to get to, due to inclimate weather as well as icy roads.

"When you live off the grid, you get nailed," Jamaica Fire Lieutenant Dana West told the Reformer on Tuesday night.

The mother, child and cat, who had been living in the home, are now living with friends. They had been renting the house. All their possessions were lost in the fire.

Firefighters received a call for the first alarm at 5:30 a.m. for a house on Mowrey Road. By the time, responders were on scene, the fire had spread to the second floor and had gone through the roof.

Firefighters were still putting water on the fire at 9:30 a.m., but by 10 a.m., they were finishing up, said West.

Because the road that gave firefighters access had been narrow, steep and un-plowed, the Jamaica Fire Department along with several other nearby departments had difficulty getting their equipment to the site.

A road crew had to come and sand the roads for the responders because the roads were so icy.

The family is currently looking for housing in Windham County.

People can donate gift cards or gift certificates as well as money directly to Jenn Esposito, P.O. Box 514, Jamaica, VT 05343.

There is also a Facebook item donation page, called "Who Gives." People can post pictures of items that they want to offer the Espositos.

For clothing items, the family is in need of 4-5T size clothing for a boy and a women's medium size 6 with a size 8 shoe.

Donations should be in clean plastic tubes or clean, tied, not-over-filled trash bags. Items can be dropped off at the Equilibrium on 14 Elm St., in Brattleboro during business hours. For more information, visit eqvermont.com.

Clothing can also be dropped off at the Song Yard in Chester.

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