Jamaica sidewalk project costs more than planned

Saturday December 15, 2012

JAMAICA -- The town’s sidewalk project is moving along, but it may not cover the entire area that the original plan called for.

"The project costs more than we planned," said Selectboard member, Lou Bruso.

Three bids were received and the town’s consulting engineers on the project, the Dufresne Group determined that all the bids met the qualifications for the project, which will cover about 1,900 linear feet of sidewalk in Jamaica.

The Bazin Brothers had the lowest bid and the company was awarded the project at the Selectboard meeting on Monday night. The two lowest bids were $600 apart.

"The other one was quite a bit more than the others," Selectboard Chair Alexa Clark told the Reformer on Tuesday.

With the budget for the project, Bruso pointed out that by going with the Bazin Brothers, the project would still cost more than the Selectboard expected.

The total project will cost about $458,220.

The project was originally estimated to cost $367,000 and the town would be billed for $73,400. The overrun now will cost $91,200, which could cost the town $18,244 if the state does not help.

The state allows for 10-percent overrun in cost, but as of now, the project is going over by about 20 percent, Bruso said.

An application can be sent in by January that would ask the state for more money to cover the project. The town would know by March, before construction season starts, whether it’ll get the additional funds it’s looking for.

"If we get it, we can go with the bid," Bruso told the Selectboard. "If not, we’d be allowed to reduce scope of the project to make the rest of the project happen."

Bruso asked the Selectboard to decide at the meeting whether or not it would go with the Bazin Brothers and also to decide whether or not it would apply for an additional grant.

The Selectboard voted unanimously to accept the lowest bid by the Bazin Brothers and enter into the contract for the full price. It can re-submit applications to the state and can reduce the project if additional funds are not granted.

The Selectboard also decided it would apply for the additional funds, which may allow the entire plan for the sidewalk project to come to fruition.

The application for extra funds to complete the project is due sometime around the middle of January.

The project can be scaled down, by either cutting out the proposed island by the Jamaica Community Church or shorten the number of linear feet, said Bruso.

The contract with the Bazin Brothers will have language that says the town can scope down the project by 25 percent, which is usual for state standards.

The Defresne Group will help the town if the project needs to be scoped down, Bruso mentioned to the Selectboard.

"If we don’t get the full funds, we have the discretion to make decisions in April."

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