Ja'ville Brewery supports wilderness therapy program


JACKSONVILLE >> J'ville Brewery, in conjunction with the Jason William Hunt Foundation, is promoting Therapeutic Wilderness Awareness during October. The brewery's participation will allow teens identified as at-risk due to alcohol and or substance abuse and their co-related issues as well as behavioral dysfunctions to attend therapeutic wilderness expedition treatment programs.

J'ville will have information available and will donate based on the October sales of pints of its specially designated beer — Wilderness Octoberfest.

"Many parents are unaware of these highly effective treatment programs," said John Hunt, executive director of the Jason William Hunt Foundation. Some teens do not respond to the traditional one-on-one clinical one hour weekly sessions. It is our foundation's mission to help parents become aware and to provide financial assistance as needed. We are thrilled to have J'ville Brewery as part of our growing network of brewers helping us spread the word."

Wilderness expedition treatment programs are developmentally effective in changing lives. Youth at-risk learn to believe in themselves as they are faced with the natural challenges of living in the wilderness for 40 to 80 days while operating within what starts out as a small group of strangers only to become a band of friends. They learn respect for self, respect for others and to accept responsibility for their own actions, teamwork and confidence. With a cost of $500 a day these programs are very expensive.

Jason Hunt had worked as a wilderness educator in several states prior to his death in 2001. His foundation is a third party funder to selected therapeutic wilderness expedition programs across the country. It is the programs that provide the actual treatment and experience. For more details, visit us at www.jwhf.org and click on Therapeutic Wilderness Awareness poster.

For more information, visit www.jwhf.org.


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