Laundry appliance ignites fire at Vernon home


VERNON — In the midst of drying a load of laundry, the appliance set fire at a home near the Vernon Elementary School on Wednesday.

The Windham County Sheriff Department was the first to arrive on the scene at 2031 Fort Bridgman Road to find all of the residents and their animals had evacuated the house. The home owners, Cathy and Bob Baggarly, were going about a typical day, Cathy had finished cleaning her carpets when Bob came home and told her he smelled smoke.

"I thought of the dryer and I ran to the back and smoke was coming from the back of our house and our bathroom (where the dyer is located)," said Cathy.

Cathy said that after she and her husband evacuated the building along with their dogs, she tried to call 911 for help, but her nerves made it challenging.

"I was on the back porch trying to dial it and we were all nervous, so my husband saw the neighbor and yelled, 'Brian, call 911,'" said Cathy.

The Vernon Fire Department arrived to the scene around 1:30 p.m. Firefighters pulled hose lines, began to extinguish the fire and then called for additional tankers from the Brattleboro Fire Department because there was a lack of water supply to that area. According to Vernon Fire Capt. John Wheelden Jr., additional departments that responded were Guilford, Bernardston, Mass., and Northfield, Mass., and the fire was contained shortly thereafter. There was fire and smoke damage to the entire dryer room area/bathroom.

No individuals or animals sustained any injuries and the fire was not upgraded past a first alarm.

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