Lego challenge inspires kids

Wednesday November 14, 2012

EAST DOVER -- Planes, automobiles and building structures were were just some of the creations being judged at the Dover Library Lego Challenge last week.

On Nov. 9, children were given the chance to compete in the contest, which was hosted by town librarian Tamara Hamm.

"I like to be able to see them do something that's fun and educational," she said. "I like to see them inspired and it gets them to the library."

Plastic containers filled with assorted Lego pieces were put on small tables. While parents waited outside the room where the contest was being held, competitors worked on their creations.

The contest had a 60-piece maximum limit and was judged by two teenagers, one from Dover and one from Williamsville.

The children had about 45 minutes to build whatever they chose.

"Randomness!" one judge said of what he saw being built. "Mostly cars, buildings and stuff that blows up."

The judges counted the pieces on each creation then judged the work by age category -- the contestants were separated into four groups, 6, 7 and 8, and 9 and up. After discovering one entry was over the limit by a few pieces, the judges agreed to give the contestant a five-piece grace.

While the judges did their job, Hamm encouraged the children to play a Jenga-like game, where one by one, each child adds a piece to a Lego tower until it falls.

The Lego Challenge was the second of its kind in Dover. The last one included team events that asked competitors to work in a tag-team fashion, building a creation piece by piece. This event had no team competitions.

Hamm said she tries to hold the event every two to three months.

"It's pretty amazing. They come up with some really creative things and they get so excited," she said.

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