Editor of the Reformer:

I'm writing this because I'm thoroughly and utterly disgusted with the Brattleboro Union High School teachers and faculty. I have witnessed first-hand how they treat some of the kids that go to the high school.

I always thought that the teachers are there to help the students who need the help, not to make it worse for him. It tears my heart out to watch what this young man has to go through to get a proper education.

No matter what he does, it doesn't matter what. If the young man needs to use the restroom or needs a drink of water, one teacher in particular gives him a very hard time. They treat him a little kid instead of a 14 year old. We are in the middle of winter and this one teacher wouldn't let him into the building. I think it is very mean and very, very wrong for him to be treated this way.

What has become of this school system where the kids are not being treated fairly. I would really look at the teachers at the high school. I'm very lucky that I don't have children because I wouldn't send my kids to that school.

Melody Squires, Guilford, Jan. 25


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