Letter: A good program to continue

A good program to continue

Editor of the Reformer:

I was very impressed with the article about Hinsdale, N.H., schools celebrating Memorial Day with a great tribute to our veterans, both living and dead (May 25). I wish all the school districts could teach children the importance of being involved in what Memorial Day really means.

I thank all those organizations and those involved in bringing this of remembrance, lest we forget.

I was also impressed with the Dummerston Grange and the American Legion Band for giving us another reason to be thankful for all those servicemen and women near and far for protecting our great America. First Lt. Jay Karpin gave a most inspiring and educational speech. I look forward to hearing about many other schools taking part in this day and hope many more will continue this tradition.

And thank you to the Reformer's Maddi Shaw for such a great article.

Marilyn A. Loomis, Putney, June 4


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