Letter: A reluctant activist

A reluctant activist

Editor of the Reformer:

We are up against billions of dollars and thousands of faceless people paid to discredit and conduct character assassination on people who are brave enough to question, to doubt or to demand further investigations or evidence. We are outnumbered and out spent at levels that are unimaginable. It truly is a David and Goliath quest for truth and openness versus deception and secrecy.

I have spent 15,000 hours researching the steady decline of human rights and the middle class. Meanwhile the coffers of "Club Elite" bulge with funds stolen from the public. Club members stay hidden and protected by politicians, government, military, media and police puppets who cashed in their integrity for money long ago.

I have completed three remixed films, 47 videos, three websites and a prototype magazine. There is no question in my mind that we have willingly relinquished our opinions and our souls to an elite group that is in serious need of therapy. Many should be in institutions, instead they are ruling this country and much of the world. All of this occurs while minorities and non violent drug offenders languish in prison.

Challenge my facts, my reason, my logic, my references. I may stumble, I may mumble and I may have word-find issues but I will debate the facts with anyone who dares to disclose their identity and who is willing to engage in a robust discussion of the facts. I underscore the word facts.

We are in the end game. This is not the time for activists to drink tea and talk about how bad things are. Humanity teeters on the very edge of extinction. Will it be climate change, economic collapse, war or something else? The least we can do is exercise our free speech rights to speak up in forums like this whenever or wherever the occasion arises. The paid minions and the Neanderthals always speak out. It is time for the silent majority to not be so silent.

Please visit my website, TheReluctantActivist.org, to learn more.

Chris Pratt, Brattleboro, March 29


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