Letter: A ridiculous expenditure

A ridiculous expenditure

Editor of the Reformer:

I was pleased to find the contact information for Ronald J. Grandmaison at the New Hampshire Bureau of Highway Design (603-271-6198 or rgrandmaison@dot.state.nh.us) in the Reformer (July 13), so that I can express my displeasure and perhaps add my name to a growing list of disgruntled (a polite word by the way) drivers who travel from Brattleboro to Keene, N.H., and back on a regular basis via Route 9.

I would very much appreciate a response in explanation (even a public response to the referenced letter from the Chesterfield, N.H., Board of Selectmen in the Opinion Box of an upcoming issue of the Reformer would be of interest) given this absurd and often dangerous distraction that was recently installed under your supervision. I can think of far smarter places in the state of New Hampshire's budget to spend the kind of money afforded this ridiculous rumble strip project, like perhaps an increase in beds in facilities for addicts seeking treatment for example.

Susan Avery, Brattleboro, July 14


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