Letter: A simple solution — no left turn

A simple solution — no left turn

Editor of the Reformer:

I would like to state my opinion about a traffic hazard at "Malfunction Junction" on lower Main street in Brattleboro.

I previously lived in Brattleboro and now travel through Brattleboro almost every day. I have witnessed accidents and close call accidents at this junction for years. In fact I used to direct traffic at this intersection on Friday evenings in the 70s with no accidents by the way. I have seen people pulling out from the Brattleboro Food Co-op turning left to either go up Main Street or toward Hinsdale, N.H., and almost crash head-on into vehicles coming from Hinsdale. Then there are vehicles that are heading north on Main that have to stop and wait for traffic coming south on Main Street while they try to turn left into the Co-op which stops the traffic flow going north. Then the lights change to red, traffic cannot proceed north and now we have a traffic backup on Canal Street.

There is a simple fix if the town would put it into place. There will be no left hand turning into or exiting the Co-op. Yes, a little inconvenient for people trying to get over to New Hampshire exiting the Co-op but it would prevent these accidents and close calls. Also people driving north on Canal Street would have to use Elm Street then Flat Street then right onto Main Street. At present this junction is a very unsafe situation. With right hand turn only into and exiting the Co-op just might save someone injuries someday. And would not hinder the flow of traffic coming from Hinsdale or traffic going north on Main Street. Yes more traffic flow on Elm and Flat streets and maybe even Elliot Street but better than accidents and injuries. We have to look at the safety factors or lack of at this junction.

Irv Macie, Vernon, March 29


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