Letter: A skilled athlete

A skilled athlete

Editor of the Reformer:

While reading the article about Curly Worden and his trip to visit all of the major league baseball parks (April 9), I recalled watching a Brattleboro Union High School baseball game in the mid-1950s. During the second or third inning, Curly walked from the locker room to the Colonels dugout. He had just competed in the mile run for the track team, showered, and donned his baseball uniform. As he approached the dugout, a fan got some laughs when he yelled, "Are you feeling fresh Curly?" I expect Curly was behind the plate for the rest of the game. Winning coach Andy Natowich's approval to run the mile during the first few innings of a varsity baseball game is strong evidence that he was a confident and skilled athlete.

Jerry Allen, San Antonio, Texas, April 8


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