Letter: A tie is a waste of time

A tie is a waste of time

Editor of the Reformer:

The other day we saw the first of how many 4 to 4 decisions out of the US Supreme Court. It was a one line per curiam decision upholding the decision of the court below. Coming to the Court in the next year are a number of case where Federal Districts have made different findings as to the same issues. An important reason the Court exists is to settle questions on a national level so we have consistent and "equal justice under law" in the entire country. Granted the Supreme Court motto is a lie as to race and economics; should be "all the justice you can afford." Be that as it may agree or disagree on 5 to 4 decisions with a full Court we at least have consistent law across America. Do we really want to "Make America great again" as it was before the Civil War with free and slave states?

The failure of the Senate to do its Constitutional duty to offer "advice and consent" is holding justice hostage. Granted the Senate doesn't have to "consent" but they must offer "advice," which traditionally is only done after the due process of a hearing. Justice Garland and the American people are entitled to and the Constitution demands the Senate give Justice Garland his opportunity to be heard.

Senator McConnell and his minions have made it clear they have no intention to do their job. There is a remedy to this unreasonable and unconstitutional refusal prior to November when we should fire him and the rest of the slackers in Washington: a Writ of Mandamus.

Some one, you would think the President who is a legal scholar, would have thought of this first year law school common law Writ which forces public officials to do their job. Everyone must contact the President, Congress and the Ppress demanding they seek a Writ of Mandamus requiring the Senate do its job; and end this silly game. As you watch the Final Four, how would you feel if it ended in a tie? A tie is a waste of time and effort: why do you think they invented overtime and a Writ of Mandamus.

Dean Lynch, Westminster West, March 31


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