Letter: A wonderful opportunity for our students

A wonderful opportunity for our students

Editor of the Reformer:

Have you ever wanted to see your work celebrated publicly? Have you ever wanted to be treated seriously about a craft that you have invested in? Have you ever wanted to feel appreciate and have a little fun?

Well, Phillip Gilpin and the ITVFest made all of those things happen for our Windham County students at the opening of the Independent Television and Film Festival.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, nine local students showcased their films in the world class screening venue in Dover. Over 100 viewers attended including the filmmakers, their teachers/mentors, parents, classmates, and current and hopeful lawmakers including Becca Balint, Mike Hebert, John Moran, and John Gagnon. Oh, also in attendance and asking questions of the students in the after-viewing panel were production leaders from Game of Thrones including the costume designer.

Well all of this is pretty cool and none of it would be possible without the vision of Executive Director Phillip Gilpin and the leadership of Josh Moyse, the Windham Regional Career Center Digital Filmmaking instructor.

When a world class event that is an economic driver sees fit to open its festival with the work of our young people, we can all be proud.

Bill Anton, Dover, Oct. 6


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