Letter: ANR delays harm the economy

ANR delays harm the economy

Editor of the Reformer:

While the Reformer has covered problems the Hermitage Club and Mount Snow are having with the Agency of Natural Resources, it is also small-time home builders and contractors that are having difficulties as well.

There is a backlog of more than 100 Act 250 permits sitting on the desk of the Agency. It is time for the Reformer and the Legislature to look into the matter. It is time for our missing-in-action governor to see what his agency is doing or not doing.

The state needs tax revenues. People need jobs, especially in Windham County. Without a 250 permit, a builder cannot get a loan from the bank, and carpenters, roofers, plumbers and electricians cannot be hired. This means hundreds of employees in Windham County who could be working and needed revenue to the state. The Agency needs to get moving,

Marvin Resnikoff, Brattleboro, Sept. 2


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