Letter: Asking for your support

Asking for your support

Editor of the Reformer:

By way of introduction to the voters of Grafton, my name is John Turner, and I am a candidate for the vacant Select Board seat. The election will be held on July 12.

After having visited Grafton for many years, and falling in love with it, I planned to retire here. In 2012 Andrea and I realized the plan, purchased a 40 year old home on Middletown Road, and have been hard at work to mould it into an antique Grafton style, storey and a half colonial cape. I grew up In Lunenburg, Mass., in a similar home, so the style has deep roots for me.

Prior to retirement I was a teacher and elementary school principal in Maryland for 37 years. In 2004 my school was named one of two Blue Ribbon Elementary Schools in the state and one of the 250 most outstanding schools in the country. When I first took over the school three years before it was the lowest performing school in the county. Retirement in Grafton did not last long. Before I knew it I was right back in school, the Grafton Elementary School, working with students, teachers, and parents to make education meaningful and fun. I was asked to serve as principal for one year, and stayed for three. Those years cemented my connection to the community and the town, and made this place my center of gravity.

This town is made up of generous individuals who give to the community in so many ways, individually or through groups like Grafton Cares, the Historical Society, the Fire Department and Rescue Squad, the Select Board, the Women's Community Club, the Improvement Association, and the Library of which Andrea, my significant other, is a trustee. Now that I really am retired I have taken on the role of secretary of the Grafton Firefighters' Association because I want to support the incredible efforts of those who are on constant standby to protect the people and property of our town.

In seeking the position of selectman I bring a lifetime's worth of experience and leadership skills that include budget management, fiscal planning, grant administration, facilities management, public relations, and conflict resolution. Over the years, alongside my work in education, I have also been a self employed custom builder and renovator. In fact, I am happiest when I have a lot on my plate.

I believe that I have a depth of experience and skill set that would uniquely meet the demands facing a selectman as our town moves forward through some difficult times.

I respectfully ask for your vote on July 12.

John Turner, Grafton, June 19


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