Letter: Back in business

Back in business

Editor of the Reformer:

An open letter to the North End Butchers.

Dear Chris and Dean: Hallelujah! You're back! I'm not sure what my family did without you for the past few weeks ... or has it been months? It feels like forever. We have been dutifully watching your store, waiting for the dumpsters to be cleared away and for all your hard work to be done. In the meantime, we've eaten more vegetables (a plus), but the deliciousness quotient in our house greatly decreased.

But the North End Butchers are back in business! I plan to scream it from the rooftops for all to hear. Because I know that unless we support our local butcher, we won't have one. So sign our family up for a weekly order of one pound of ground beef and one whole chicken (skinned and cut into eight pieces). We're good for it!

Ruby McAdoo, Putney, Nov. 12


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