Letter: Bewildered


Editor of the Reformer:

OK. Full disclosure. I am an aging woman trying desperately to understand this new technological world. Without too much success.

I have high-speed internet. Well, most of the time I do. Comcast charges me a chunk of money for it However, off and on during the day, bam, it's gone. I call Comcast. They say the same thing every time, I do what they say, and it happens again. True, most of the time it works. But, do I get bumped because Comcast gets overloaded at certain times, or is someone else using my connection, and. if so, how is that possible? Is it possible?

I used to have Sovernet before high speed. When I had a question, I called, they listened, they fixed it. For some reason, I can't get high speed internet from Sovernet where I live. Why can't I?

From a bewildered, stressed, trying to understand user.

Lynn Martin, Brattleboro, Nov. 16


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