Letter: Bobcats, pipelines and clear cuts

Bobcats, pipelines and clear cuts

Editor of the Reformer:

Why is the voice of New Hampshire people NOT being heard, recognized, valued and acted upon accordingly?

First, the bobcat:

Despite overwhelming objections from the public, including many hunters, the N.H. Fish & Game Commission has voted to approve the trapping and hunting of the bobcat. Local commissioner Robert Phillipson states that Fish & Game commissioned UNH to do a study of the bobcat, and of course they got the results they wanted. Duh! Out of 6000 comments to Fish & Game, 5,750 were opposed, 250 in favor. And Mr. Phillipson's assertion that he wants to grow the population but we need to kill some in order to collect data? I thought the population was doing just fine without man's intervention, hence the hunting. Can't have it both ways, so Mr. Phillipson is the local face of every trapped and killed bobcat. Our government is not listening. We the people say NO!

Second, the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline:

Despite the objections of every town in the path of destruction of this pipeline and a petition with over 10,000 signatures delivered to Governor Hassan's office on December 12th, our Governor and most state officials have not come out in opposition of it. Lower energy costs some say. That will not happen when the fracked gas flowing through the pipeline is exported to the highest bidder (contracts already signed), and if Kinder (Richard Kinder of ENRON fame) Morgan has it their way every one of us in the state will be paying for this pipeline as a part of our electric bill. You pay for their pipeline to allow them to make money. If this pipeline is approved by the rubber stamping federal agency FERC, Governor Hassan and other government officials who did not oppose it will be the face of destroyed lives, families, economy and natural resources across the southern tier of the state. Our government is not listening. We the people say NO!

Third, the ongoing clear cutting and commercial logging in Pisgah State Park:

In 2011, the Department of Resources and(for) Economic Development (DRED) approved a new management plan, despite the objection of many people, and according to the state, with the approval of a steering committee set up to assist the state with the new plan. Only problem, I found, after speaking with some members of the committee, is that a vote was never taken, but the state went ahead nonetheless. Legal issues abound but I will not go there (see www.pisgahdefenders.org). In the meantime the state is logging in Pisgah every two years, under the guise of creating wildlife openings, though DRED's own internal records indicate that the primary purpose of the commercial timber harvesting is economic gain to help resolve DRED's budget problems. Much of the logging is in the form of clear cuts, sometimes small, sometimes as large as 32 acres. And the total acreage for each cut every two years has been 82, 101, 132, and 140. See a pattern here? After this present logging operation is done, re-entry is scheduled for 2030. Logging and clear cutting for the foreseeable future, in our park, over the objections of many. DRED (I absolve present commissioner Jeffrey Rose who took that position in 2014) is the face of the devastation of our state park, Pisgah. Our government is not listening. We the people who believe the park should remain a wilderness park for recreation as originally planned (using Land And Water Conservation Funds), say NO!!

So who are the winners? The hunting industry, the fossil fuel industry and the logging industry.

And who are the losers? Yup, we the people.

We the people will be misrepresented for only so long. The day will come when together we will shout out, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

The times are gonna be a'changin'.

Jeffrey Scott Keene, N.H., Feb. 21


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