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Tuesday September 18, 2012

Be aware of Safe Place

Editor of the Reformer:

After reading "Stand up in the face of child abuse" (Sept. 8-9, editorial), I wanted to take a moment to raise awareness of the Safe Place Child Advocacy Center (CAC) located here in Brattleboro.

The Safe Place, located on Main Street in downtown Brattleboro, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that offers a neutral, child-friendly space for children to be interviewed regarding allegations of child abuse. Safe Place fosters a team approach among its members, which include law enforcement, child welfare social workers, medical personnel and prosecution; who work together closely so that the investigative process is as smooth as possible for the child and protecting family members.

In addition to child-friendly space, Safe Place offers resources and service referrals for families to Windham County agencies and professionals that can help them navigate through difficulties that may arise following a disclosure of abuse.

Members of the team at Safe Place have received specialized training in how to face the challenges inherit in child abuse cases, and are dedicated to overcoming these challenges to ensure the safety of families, children and our community as a whole.

While much of the work at Safe Place involves assisting families and children who may have already experienced abuse, we are also committed to community outreach and prevention strategies. If you have an event you would like Safe Place to participate in, please feel free to contact us a 802-579-1358.

If you would like to learn more about Safe Place, please feel free to visit our website at www.safeplacecac.net, or call us at 802-579-1358. If you suspect child abuse has occurred, please contact your local law enforcement agency, or call Vermont’s 24-hour Child Protection hotline at 1-800-649-5285.

Alyssa Todd,

director & forensic interview specialist,

Safe Place Child Advocacy Center

Brattleboro, Sept. 14

Skate park concerns

Editor of the Reformer:

Kudos to retired Chief Guthrie for his letter in support of re-siting the skate park in the Sept. 14 Reformer.

In recent months I have been baffled by what appears to be an attempt by the town to push through with the skate park at the Crowell lot without respect for this long established, peaceful neighborhood. I do not recall the process or reasoning behind the selection of this location in the first place, but it seems to me a more suitable location must exist within the confines of our town that does not invade the serenity of the people who live close by.

If I were a resident, enough to be affected by the imagined increase in traffic, litter, noise and nuisance I would be protesting loudly. Where are those folks and what are they saying?

Susan Avery,

Brattleboro, Sept. 14

Trieber thanks voters

Editor of the Reformer:

I am extremely grateful and humbled to be honored with the Democratic nomination to be State Representative. Many people worked very hard to help me reach this point, and my thanks goes out to each and every person who voted, made phone calls, wrote letters, placed lawn signs, and talked to friends and neighbors. I encourage all of you to continue to contact me and help direct your representation in Montpelier. My contact information is 802-376-1134 and matrieber@gmail.com. Please continue all of the good work, and remember to vote in the general election in November.

Rep. Matthew A. Trieber,

Windham-4, Sept. 13

On loyal opposition

Editor of the Reformer:

What is the main difference between Canada and the U.S.? Canadians have always prided themselves on the concept of a loyal opposition.

Michael Lovell,

Chesterfield, N.H., Sept. 12


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