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Friday October 26, 2012

We want to hear from you

Editor of the Reformer:

Representatives David Deen (D) Westminster and Mike Mrowicki (D) Putney seek re-election to The Vermont House of Representatives for the Windham 4 District representing the people living in the towns of Westminster, Putney and Dummerston.

Both Representatives look to build upon the successes of the recently concluded legislative session. Both Legislators are proud of the work done in the past session including: repairing the damage from tropical storm Irene; moving forward on health care reform, supporting a renewable green energy future and keeping Vermont's economy moving forward with a balanced budget.

They have been holding open meetings with interested constituents. The next meeting will be at Allen Brothers on Rt. 5 in Westminster at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 27.

They are asking that you stop by and let them know what you are thinking about issues that are of concern to you.

David L. Deen,

Vermont State Representative,

Westminster, Oct. 22

Support for Hoffer

Editor of the Reformer:

Doug Hoffer's candidacy for State Auditor offers Vermonters a unique opportunity to vote for a "numbers guy" who understands the policy,and the people, behind government spending.

From his his days working with Bernie Sanders, (when the Senator was mayor of Burlington) to the present, Doug certainly understands accountability regarding government spending. Numbers need to add up -- and represent the work that government funding intended it for. Doug also understands the real people behind the need for that spending -- and how it has to fit together for Vermont to be the great forward thinking state it is.

Admittedly, Doug is not a slick talking career politician, so don't expect a song and dance about his approach to government accountability, or his values. Doug has the same sense of social justice important to so many of us here. To know the values he shares that will inform his decision making, look at his support for civil unions, marriage equality and health reform. All this is in contrast to his opponent. ( if you want to see a real political song and dance, ask his opponent about chairing Mitt Romney's campaign in the Vermont primary). For a further look at his opponents record, look at the VPIRG Legislative scorecard, which gave his opponent a score of only 30 percent on the top 10 issues important to so many of us in Vermont.

The State Auditors office needs a no-nonsense numbers guy like Doug Hoffer, and I ask you to join me in voting for Doug Hoffer as Vermont's next State Auditor.

Rep.Mike Mrowicki,

Windham 4 District,

Oct. 13

Support for Dunbar

Editor of the Reformer:

To the Voters of the Mountain Towns:

I write to encourage you to vote for Emmett Dunbar for State Representative. I have had a wonderful business relationship with Emmett for 15 years. I hold a great deal of respect for him, as a farmer, a business man and a family man. I have been serving his locally grown organic produce at The Perfect Wife Restaurant since 1997. In those years we have been good friends who understand each other's businesses and work well together to keep our businesses viable.

We hosted a Meet and Greet at the restaurant for Vince Illuzi, a longstanding Republican State Senator, who is running for State Auditor. Emmett attended the event and was able to spend time speaking with me about his ideas and concerns. Emmett can relate to Senator Illuzi's views on fiscal responsibility with a strong commitment to the need for high-quality education without excessive spending. As a legislator I know Emmett will speak to the importance of early childhood education, affordable infant and toddler daycare, and the value of investing in Vermont's future: all of our children.

In addition, Emmett is part of the working landscape of Vermont. As a farmer, Emmett supports the development of agricultural business statewide, and the Vermont products that have come to be known throughout the country due to their excellence.

Emmett mentioned that he intends to be on the Commerce Committee when serving as Representative. I am a member of the Vermont Farm Trail that Emmett created for our region. It has been a beneficial marketing strategy and is exactly the kind of project that our local economy can benefit from.

I am confident that Emmett, a new voice, will speak strongly for small Vermont communities like yours, which, in turn, can also help small towns like mine.

Amy Chamberlain,


The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern,

Manchester Center, Oct. 4

Support for Pearce

Editor of the Reformer:

I am writing in support of Beth Pearce for Vermont State Treasurer. Beth's pragmatic problem solving skills and apolitical approach to managing the Treasurer's office are exactly what we need to ensure the financial health of our state.

As our new State Treasurer in 2010, Beth's leadership caused Vermont's bond rating to improve from AA stable to AA positive, during a time when Standard and Poor's downgraded the U.S. bond rating. Vermont now has the best bond rating in New England. Why does this matter to the average Vermonter? It matters because now homeowners in our state can get lower mortgage rates. It also matters because Vermont college students will pay lower interest rates on their loans, and Vermont towns borrowing money for municipal projects will pay less interest.

During her first term, Beth worked across party lines to put state employee pensions on firm footing. The changes made as a result of her leadership resulted in savings of $5.3 million to our state each year.

In addition, Beth strongly supported many Vermont communities after Tropical Storm Irene when they were faced with serious cash flow problems while they were waiting for insurance and FEMA money to repair their infrastructure. Beth also helped develop the legislation that permitted towns to delay their December Education Fund payments and stayed in touch with town managers, clerks and treasurers throughout the recovery.

Solving problems to protect our state's financial health and doing what's in the best interest of Vermonters are what motivates Beth Pearce. Since she became our State Treasurer, Beth has demonstrated the non-partisan and professional commitment to her position that Vermonters want and deserve.

Please join me in voting for Beth Pearce for Vermont State Treasurer. You also can donate to her campaign by visiting: bethpearce.com or by sending a check to Pearce for Treasurer, P.O. Box 731, Montpelier, VT 05601

Valerie A. Stuart,

State Representative,

Brattleboro, Oct. 17

An inconvenient schedule

Editor of the Reformer:

I have written to the Current (former B-Line) and have not received a response.

They proposed that the new bus schedule was going to be more convenient, and have more stops during the day.

I have relied on the bus for the past few years -- to get me to the places I need to go, and back home again. The bus has been very helpful and convenient. I have been able to live a fairly independent life because of it.

My question is: Why fix what is not broken?

Hinsdale was added to the route and seems to have many stops. I cannot go into town on the bus unless I want to be there all day. If I get picked up at 10, I don't get back home until after 5.

I don't know why they could not keep the route the same as it was and have the new bus they now have go back and forth to Hinsdale.

I hope they do something to fix it because it is very inconvenient the way it is now.

Sherry Hardy,

Brattleboro, Oct. 14


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