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Tuesday October 23, 2012

In support of Pearce

Editor of the Reformer:

Treasurer Beth Pearce solved immediate problems for Vermont towns after Irene, by releasing millions of dollars to towns through early payments. She also allowed towns a short deferment on payments due to the state. Beth’s actions help towns with cash management. The cash allowed us to continue to expensive work of recovery by building bridges and repairing roads.

As treasurer, Beth, has kept Vermont’s financial affairs healthy. We have a "AAA" bond rating. As towns went to banks and bond issue for funding, we benefited from the strengthened position that Beth cultivated for us. Unlike the financial straits that other states and nations faces, Vermonters can go to a bank knowing that money is available for us. And banks know that we will pay it back.

Beth Pearce has demonstrated to Vermonters she is a stalwart steward of our finances. For this reason, she has earned my vote on Nov. 6.

Christina Moore,

Halifax, Oct. 11

In support of Hoffer

Editor of the Reformer:

I have known and respected both of the leading candidates for state auditor for many years. In this case, however, choosing between the two does not present a challenge for me. My vote will be cast for Doug Hoffer.

Doug Hoffer has the expertise, drive, credentials, common sense and intellect to fully serve in this critical, public role. He is already well acquainted with the responsibilities of the office and knows full well how to keep close track of the public’s money.

There are few people who can shoot as straight as Doug Hoffer. The office will not be a steppingstone for him, and it was not a last minute decision to run. He will bring years of much needed professionalism to the office as he gathers data, digs deep, looks at evidence, presents his analysis and makes recommendations. I trust and respect his ability to be fair. With so much at stake, his will be the kind of eyes we need watching and working for us in Montpelier. Elect Doug Hoffer, state auditor, on Nov. 6.

Representative Sarah Edwards,

Brattleboro, Oct. 16

In support of Dunbar

Editor of the Reformer:

I have known Emmett since he arrived in Vermont and started farming in Sunderland. He grew the best watermelons down there in the "banana belt" and delivered them to our farm-stand on Rt. 11, on his way to the farmers’ market in Londonderry. After he and his wife, Lini, decided to move up onto the mountain I have had a close working relationship with Emmett. Beyond working together on many projects to further the development and management of our farms, we have created local special events and served on boards together. While Emmett served as president of the West River Farmers’ Market, investments in local agriculture and small business went hand in hand, doubling the Market’s number of vendors and total sales.

Emmett has always had everyone’s best interest in mind. He was able to see the big picture, and with that vision, helped increase sales at our region’s farmers markets. He also did so without compromising the aesthetics and charm of our communities. The markets have been incubators for dozens of small businesses and have created jobs and prosperity for many Vermonters. Emmett was a selfless worker; he used precedence and current by-laws, as well as market rules to foster such positive growth. These qualities of governance he displayed, as a leader to so many small business owners working together to market and expand their product lines fairly, are a true testament to his ability to be a balanced and sincere District Representative.

I strongly encourage the members of this community to vote for Emmett Dunbar on November 6th. He is the best choice and will be the best representative for our district.

Jon Wright,

owner, Taylor Farm,

Oct. 18

In support of Hoffer

Editor of the Reformer:

Recently my friend, the apostate Bob Oeser, wrote encouraging people to vote for Republican Vince Illuzzi for Vermont State Auditor. I write to argue the wise vote is for Democrat/Progressive, Doug Hoffer. While Illuzzi’s positions on some issues are better than some Republicans there are serious faults in some positions, too. He has endorsed Mitt Romney in public appearances with John Sununu and Steve Forbes who have recently declared President Obama is Un-American, "a disgrace," and a "radical socialist." Illuzzi has voted in the Vermont Senate against health care reform and single-payer insurance. He has a 33 percent rating from VPIRG and a 50 percent rating from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Doug Hoffer has been active in Vermont economic and policy analysis since coming to work with Bernie Sanders in the 1980s. He is well respected in the Legislature and by anyone who has heard him speak for his thorough and clear analysis of economic issues. He is very much a "numbers guy". I particularly like him for quickly and concisely disabusing people of the misinformation spewed by the bloviating gasbags of the Ethan Allen Institute.

Doug has been endorsed by Bernie, Gov. Shumlin, VT AFL-CIO, the Sierra Club, VT Planned Parenthood, many legislators, progressive business leaders and others. The money that the right-wing super-PAC, Vermonters First, has been spending to pump Illuzzi and to attack Doug is a measure of how much they dread his election. Forward-thinking voters should vote for Doug Hoffer for state auditor.

Lee Madden,

Brattleboro, Oct. 18

In support of Pearce

Editor of the Reformer:

Most Vermonters agree that elected offices should not be bought and sold, especially the money offices, treasurer and auditor. Yet one wealthy Vermonter, Lenore Broughten, has poured over $600,000 into a Republican super pac this year, especially targeting these offices.

I support Beth Pearce for treasurer because she’s done a good job, and has years of experience working with an outstanding treasurer, Jeb Spaulding. I support Doug Hoffer because he’s smart as a whip and has

worked in the auditor’s office in the past. But I also support them because these, of all offices, need to be free of the taint of big money, and the dumbed down politics it buys.

Pearce’s opponent, Wendy Wilton, has insinuated that the treasurer is less than committed to Vermont because she’s a renter, not a home-owner. That’s pathetic, but Wilton’s candidacy can survive this stupidity by floating on Broughten’s river of cash. If we let it. I think we’d better not.

Let’s slap down this intrusion of big money politics, before it gets more of a toehold in Vermont. We have excellent candidates in Pearce and Hoffer. Supporting them is a win-win for all of us.

Jessie Haas,

Westminster, Oct. 20

Editor’s Note: With Election Day fast-approaching (Nov. 6), we are aware that many letters in support of a candidate or from candidates will be sent to us. We will run as many as space allows before the election. Please note that support letters will not run after the Nov. 3-4 Weekend Reformer publishes.


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