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Friday November 9, 2012

Rescue Inc. sets record straight

Editor of the Reformer:

I would like to respond to "Selectboard opposes changes to Rescue Inc." (Nov. 7).

Rescue takes pride in its mission and its ability to provide prompt and professional emergency service to the 15 communities we serve. Our provider staff is well-trained, professional, and dedicated to the welfare of the people of our communities. This dedication will never waiver.

Rescue was formed in Brattleboro 46 years ago as a volunteer organization with a few dedicated members. Since that time we have grown to serve 15 towns with 41 paid employees and 18 volunteer members. We readily recognize the important role our volunteers play and would like to see our volunteer base grow. However, since the time Rescue was founded, the nature of EMS services all over the United States has rapidly and radically evolved in terms of training, quality of care, protocols for care, and the interface with hospital emergency departments. Along the way emergency ambulance services have also changed from being volunteer to mostly paid staff. As part of the larger picture, hospitalization and the emergency medical services tied into hospitals have also evolved. These changes are not just local to southern Vermont and New Hampshire, but have happened all over the country. The current nature of EMS is not the same as it was 45 years ago.

The current organizational structure of the Board of Trustees of Rescue has remained the same since our By-Laws were drafted, again some 46 years ago. Recently, some of the membership of Rescue has undertaken an effort to strengthen Rescue’s Board not only to fit current circumstances but also to provide for the future of Rescue in the changing landscape of medical care financing under the Green Mountain Care Board. At this time what we have are suggestions for change. Opinions on how best to proceed are not uniform, and nothing has been settled yet. However, we are endeavoring to conscientiously move forward, always keeping in mind our mission to serve the people of our communities. We welcome and do our best to attend to the opinions and positions of our town representative Board members, and the towns they represent.

Contrary to some misinformation in your article, the town representative members of the board were asked to determine and report on the positions of the towns they each represent on the proposal to change the voting town membership to a town liaison committee without voting powers. This was done at the start of the process some five months ago, again contrary to any misimpression your article may have created.

We are in the process of strengthening our organization for the future to allow us to continue to professionally serve our towns and to provide for the future of Rescue. Throughout this process we remain dedicated to the welfare of the people and the towns we serve. This will never change.

Darah P. Kehnemuyi,


Board of Trustees, Nov. 8

Neighborly generosity

Editor of the Reformer:

As a part-time resident of Putney I am continually impressed by the "good neighboring" that goes on.

My husband and I spend most of our time in our Brooklyn home. This past weekend we had "Storm Fatigue" and decided to come north where there was gas at the pump and food in the grocery stores.

After a day of rest, I got itchy to organize donations for the storm survivors in Brooklyn. I put a sign up at the Putney Co-op ("Hurricane Sandy; donations of clothing needed. Will take to Brookyn on Monday"). I also contacted my neighbors, Billy and Lin Strauss, who always are on the front lines when someone is in need. Billy sent an e-mail to roughly 30 people. This was Sunday morning.

Yesterday (Nov. 5) morning we packed the donations that had arrived at our doorstep (thank you, Michael Hornsby family and the Strausses) and headed toward the Putney Food Co-op to gather what was there. I nearly fainted when I looked at the front porch and saw boxes and bags packed to capacity. I was extremely mindful of how fresh the memories of Irene were in Putney, so I was even more grateful to see how my neighbors had opened their closets and hearts to help us in Brooklyn. A lovely young mother helped us pack our car. We drove looking like "hoarders on wheels."

When we drove back to Brooklyn, the donations were promptly sent to the Rockaways, an area badly hit and poorly served in the aftermath.

Thank you, dear Putney neighbors. I will never forget your generosity.

Ann Macdonald
and Charles Raubicheck,

Brooklyn, Nov. 6

Hebert thanks voters

Editor of the Reformer:

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the voters of Guilford and Vernon who have placed their trust and faith in me by electing me to a second term as their representative to the Vermont House of Representatives.

In these difficult times, tough decisions and choices will need to be made. I will, as I did in my first term, cast my votes with you in mind. My best decisions are made with your input. If you have any questions, concerns or issues please feel free to contact me at: mhebert@leg.state.vt.us or 802-451-9088

Also, when you are in Montpelier, please stop by the "People’s House" for a visit.

Representative Mike Hebert,

Windham 1, Nov. 7

Dunbar thanks voters

Editor of the Reformer:

What a great day it was, Tuesday, Nov. 6. To have been a part of democracy in America was second to none, especially as a Vermonter.

Congratulations to Mr. Goodwin on his victory and the seat as Representative for the Windham-Bennington-Windsor District. The Campaign and the Race were the most challenging things I’ve done since bringing the farm back. It was a race that interested many people and thus activated a whole new dynamic in our district electorate.

This experience allowed me to work with and learn from my immediate neighbors, and the District at large. Having shared time with my community discussing important issues was a victory, not a loss.

I am honored to have had the support to run for State Representative and humbled to have received nearly 45 percent of the vote in my first race. Having won Jamaica and almost winning Londonderry, short by only 19 votes, means a great deal.

I look forward to spending time with my wife and daughter and putting the farm "to bed" for the winter.

Thank you all that helped with the campaigns own success and voted for me.

Emmett S. Dunbar,

Londonderry, Nov. 7

On the elections

Editor of the Reformer:

Nice guys finish last was proven correct as Romney lost the nomination for president. America is now in the ride of its life.

I blame Romney’s advisors for playing it too safe, as the two Republicans in the past that won did not and were very outspoken -- Reagan and Eisenhower.

All I can say is God bless America. We will definitly need it.

Christian Blake,

Westminster, Nov. 7

Marine Band a hit

Editor of the Reformer:

I would like to offer many thanks to the Brattleboro Reformer and Bellows Falls Union High School for hosting The United States Marine Band on Oct 13. The band is very professional playing marches, international pieces and many old American songs and favorite pieces and featured a tenor singer that sang many old Irish songs that I remember hearing in the 1940s. The evening had to be a sellout. There were people attending from Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Again, thank you for a wonderful evening.

Allan R. Boucher,

Hinsdale, N.H., Oct. 25


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