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Friday October 5, 2012

Jammin’ food Editor of the Reformer:

As I sit here and savor the flavors of the curry chicken which came with rice and beans, and a side of this wonderful blend of cabbage, carrots, and some other wonderful unknowns, I’m delightfully pleased! I’ve been driving by the "Jamaican Food Cart" on Putney Road for weeks now wondering what could this be. Asking myself, good, not so good, will they make it, what inspired them to start, and so on.

Well, let me just say that my coworkers decided they wanted to try it. I was busy that day at work and so they called me with what was on the menu and brought it back to the office. First, I should say that ethnic foods with spices are one of my favorites but I’d never had Jamaican food. While they were out, I was scouring the web for Jamaican recipes to try to get an idea of what I was in for. I honestly had no idea what to expect.

In short, yummy. This is a must stop if you’re like me and like a bit of spice (not necessarily hot spicy) but savory. The blends of spices used are just simply delicious and will keep me going back for more. They have multiple sizes, small, medium, and large and the prices are extremely reasonable. I ordered a small which was a perfect size for lunch for $5.50. It included big heaping chunks of very tender white chicken in a curry sauce on top of a good portion of rice and beans covered with the delicious cabbage melody I mentioned above.

If you’ve been doing the drive by and asking yourself similar questions, stop, you won’t be disappointed. I’m a very happy customer and can’t wait to return for my next Jamaican scrumptious meal. Thanks for coming to town.

Nathalie Pelletier,

Fitzwilliam, N.H., Sept. 28

One-term president?

Editor of the Reformer:

What a proud moment it was for America when a black man was finally elected for president. Unfortunately, as it turns out for America, it was the wrong black man.

Though the press doesn’t report much about it we are still losing American men and women in foreign countries that don’t want us there. The national debt is over the $16- trillion mark and climbing. The economy is not healthy here despite fuzzy numbers being reported by liberal networks.

Apparently Iran continues to build a nuclear bomb. According to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu while attending the United Nations recently the Iranians will have a nuclear bomb ready by next summer. President Obama was too busy to meet with him as he and his wife were visiting the women on The View television show. They had the important job of delivering a basket of goodies to Barbara Walters so she wouldn’t feel the need to take anything else the next time she visits the White House for yet another gala event. They had even included some of President Obama’s beer that he supposedly brews himself at the White House.

President Obama said himself that if he couldn’t turn the economy around in four years that he would be a one-term president. For the sake of Americans everywhere I sincerely hope he’s right.

Joanne Boyd,

Whitingham, Oct. 1

Does your editorial writer read your
own paper?

Editor of the Reformer:

We know we have hit a wall when the editorial staff do not read or perhaps only skim their own newspaper. On, Saturday, Sept. 29, the editorial staff wrote an opinion piece "Skatin’ by," where they repeatedly criticized those of us opposed to a skatepark at the Crowell Lot site for not going to the last Thursday’s meeting calling it a "perfect opportunity for those opposed to the skatepark’s location to turn out and have their voices heard."

Yet twice last week, the Reformer quoted skatepark proponents as saying that the Thursday meeting was "not a time for those concerned about the skatepark location to air their grievances," and that the meeting was solely to give "local skaters (and others interested in the skatepark at the Crowell Lot Site) an opportunity to provide input into the design." Those opposed were not invited and we did not crash the event.

I now realize that our politeness and inability to understand mixed messages puts us at a disadvantage and opens us up for wayward criticism from even the most neutral editorial staff. Perhaps reading just the name of the newspaper would be a good start: Brattleboro Reformer.

Stephanie Keep,

Brattleboro, Oct. 1

‘Egregious’ attacks
on O’Connor

Editor of the Reformer:

Thirty plus years ago, we moved to Brattleboro. One of the first things I learned was a wonderful characteristic this town and its citizens possessed. It is one which I have proclaimed to all who would listen: The people of Brattleboro not only tolerate differences in opinion, they celebrate it.

My adopted town never let me down in that assessment, that is, until now. Where we, as a people, have become inured to dirty tricks and negativism on a national and sometimes state level, we never let that poison taint our local political waters, until now. The recent primary battle for District 3 state representative was, to these eyes, a most disgusting display of character assassination. Op-ed letters in support of Martha O’Connor spoke to her assets and her abilities. Not a single one had anything negative to say about her opponent, Tristan Toleno.

Sadly, the reverse was not true. Letters were sent, tearing her apart, often without even mentioning Toleno, the person they were supposedly supporting. One particularly nasty letter, in fact, was written after the election was over, the writer thus demonstrating his bravery by kicking someone when she was down.

But, far and away, the most egregious acts were committed by a radio personality who hosted a series of discussions with the two candidates. He began by claiming he would be fair. He then told of his bias toward Toleno and essentially dared O’Connor to convince him otherwise. To me, this should have been enough to disqualify him as a "fair" moderator.

He subsequently went on to call O’Connor a liar, to state that he’d vote for a ham sandwich over her, and concluding with this statement: "I hope this gets through to people who were not even planning to vote in this primary next Tuesday. If you are impacted by anything I’ve written, you’re needed at the polls. Otherwise, it is likely that a candidate with a familiar family name, questionable judgment and two versions of the truth will represent you in Montpelier for the next two years."

This from a person who began with the promise to be fair. Right. Fair just like Fox News.

I certainly hope this particular incident was just a bump in the road for our community. But in order to be that, it will require a lot of soul searching by those who participated in this sick affair.

Bob Fagelson,

Brattleboro, Oct. 1

Who are we subsidizing?

Editor of the Reformer:

I was planning on writing a letter similar to this for weeks. It’s what happened to a friend of mine that makes me write it now.

My friend went to her doctor’s office today because she was feeling miserable and she felt she had a sinus infection. The doctor came into the office and asked her patient if she smoked. She said she does. My friend talked about quitting for over a year recently. The doctor said this office visit is going to be about smoking. Her patient said that she needed to be seen and she needed an antibiotic. The doctor did not check her patient out physically at all and she said "Absolutely not ... you want society to take care of you when you don’t take care of yourself."

This was wrong in so many ways. This friend of mine works full time. However, because she works at a low paying service job, insurance is out of her reach. Who are we subsidizing here? The hard working people who work at these low paying service jobs or the low paying service industry that refuses to pay their workers enough to live on or enough to afford insurance? I say we are the Walmarts and McDonalds and all the other providers of low paying jobs out there.

So my friend left in tears with a probable sinus infection to possibly get worse, hopefully it won’t. Shame on you, doctor. Shame on you, service industry.

Lynn Holappa

Brattleboro, Oct. 1


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