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Monday December 3, 2012

Vote no on charter

Editor of the Reformer:

An open letter to the voters of Bellows Falls:

Please come to the polls on Tuesday, Dec. 4, and vote no on the proposed Village Charter change. What has been billed as "bringing the charter up to date" is a substantial understatement. Three members of the Board of Trustees have essentially given a committee of three, one ex-officio, an opportunity to re-make Bellows Falls. In their view, Bellows Falls is an independent village, free of the town of Rockingham. Their vision includes hiring new employees in the village but excludes the services of a professional village manager. This view also holds that the Board of Trustees can directly manage all village employees. This view is ambivalent about taxes, as surely taxes will increase if this vision is passed by voters.

As residents of the village of Bellows Falls, we must rely on the Board of Trustees and the Rockingham Selectboard to work closely together to achieve the maximum amount of coordination of services. This is the only way to control budgets. Our village and town need a professional manager to insure that the coordination of services runs smoothly.

So please don’t be led astray by that faulty vision and the lack of leadership on the part of certain Village Trustees. A no vote will make it clear that Bellows Falls residents do not want our taxes to increase and we want our Board of Trustees focused on making Bellows Falls a place we can all be proud of.

Jim (Jiggs) McAuliffe,

Bellows Falls, Nov. 27


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