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Friday November 2, 2012

On Democratic millionaires

Editor of the Reformer:

For a party that claims to be the party of working class people, the Democrats sure seem to have a lot of multi-millionaires. Starting with Obama, their congressional leadership (Reed, Pelosi, John Kerry) there are over 200 multi-millionaires in Congress, the majority of them Democrats.

Probably half the people working in Obama’s administration made their money on Wall Street. For a bunch who like to bash Wall Street, liberal Democrats seem to have made their millions on Wall Street, including the current Secretary of the Treasury, who you will recall failed to pay $40,000 in back taxes to the IRS. The current mayor of Chicago, a close friend of Obama, made his money on Wall Street.

In 2008, Obama got more political contributions from people working on Wall Street than John McCain did. The Democrats even have their own billionaire, George Soros, who funds so many left wing causes.

Closer to home, the three liberal Democratic governors of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Peter Shumlin, John Lynch and Patrick Deval, are all multi-millionaires. While liberals think it’s terrible that Mitt Romney is loaded, they don’t seem to have any problems voting for and supporting rich Democrats in public office. Why do you suppose that is?

Finally, do you suppose those rich liberal Democrats benefited from those Bush tax cuts? I doubt they’ll be returning that money anytime soon out of sense of guilt. Liberals feel guilty about everything except when it costs them their own money. Using Brooklyn Bernie Sanders own standards do rich liberals pay their "fair share" of taxes?

Robert Page,

Brattleboro, Oct. 23

Guilford voters, take note

Editor of the Reformer:

We have been having an ongoing problem with the listing of the correct polling place for the town of Guilford this year.

Vermont Primary Elections and the General Election use the Broad Brook Grange as the polling place, but Town Meeting hasn’t been held at the Grange since the Guilford Central School was built in 1957 (save one year in the 80s when the school was under construction) and likewise I don’t believe General Election polling has never been at the school.

Unfortunately, the Vermont Secretary of State’s website still has the polling location incorrect. The correct place and time for the Nov. 6 election is the Broad Brook Grange at 3,940 Guilford Center Road from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Don McLean,

chair, Town of Guilford,

Board of Civil Authority,
Oct. 30

Support for Wilton

Editor of the Reformer:

Treasurer Wilton is reasonable, competent and deserving of support Treasurer Candidate Wendy Wilton is reasonable, reliable and respectful and has worked with the State Auditor’s Office over the past few years to improve municipal transparency, financial management and foster prevention of embezzlement legislation. She’s the Vermont Municipal Treasurer of the Year, a straight shooter -- the real deal.

Please support her like I do, for being a real Vermonter trying to improve the state. As a Republican, she is an underdog and will give some balance to the state. Please join me in supporting her.

Tom Salmon,

Rockingham, Oct. 29


Editor’s Note: With Election Day fast-approaching (Nov. 6), we are aware that many letters in support of a candidate or from candidates will be sent to us. We will run as many as space allows before the election. Please note that support letters will not run after the Nov. 3-4 Weekend Reformer publishes.


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