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BF Senior Center

Editor of the Reformer:

There is evidence that the season is changing all too soon and it is time to fall back into your usual routines. Surely it would be a good time to add some of the Bellows Falls Senior Center’s activities into you plans. You will find all of the regular programs starting up on Sept. 2, beginning with the ever popular Bone Builders at 9 a.m., with a second group at 10 a.m. This is an enjoyable group of seniors getting into shape and having fun doing it.

On Mondays and Wednesdays the Knit and Stitch girls will be clicking those needles with lots of chatter and catching up on the news. Be there at 9 a.m. The Art Class is back on Wednesday at 9 a.m. and you don’t have to be a pro, just love what you do. Reiki is a form of stress release and relaxation which resumes on the last Wednesday of the month. Another Wednesday group is Music Appreciation where you can drop by for an informal sing or bring an instrument at 10 a.m. Swimming at the Springfield Pool via the Center van is scheduled to leave at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday and you should call ahead to save a spot.

The First Friday Art Club is back with Roberta sharing her talents. It will be starting on Sept. 5 with Folk Art Painting (back by request). Try this and surprise yourself. Card games are a nice way to relax and the center offers: Pitch, King Pede, Cribbage, and Bridge. There is a call out for bridge players to start a new group on Thursday, Sept. 11 at 12:30 p.m. They will play once per month.

The center still offers blood pressure checks on the second Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. Special events include Birthday cake on Sept. 9, a flea market on Sept. 13, and an ice cream social on Sept. 17. At the recent senior picnic, sponsored by the Paul Bristol estate, Fred Yates was named the senior of the year.

The volunteer of the month of August is Jane Westfall. Trips scheduled are: Johnny Cash Tribute at the Huki Lau on Nov. 9, balance paid, (this duo and their band are known to be the best). Includes a great lunch and transportation. Sign up with a deposit soon. Balance due by Oct. 5. Next is the Lake Winnipesaukee Theater Escape overnight on Nov. 16 and 17. The play is "Harvey." Includes transportation, play, stay at an inn, dinner, and outlet shopping. Sign up with a deposit in September with balance due Oct. 10. Next is the show "Holiday Inn" at the Goodspeed Theater in Haddam, Conn. Includes lunch, show and transportation. This is bound to add cheer to your holidays. Make a deposit soon with balance due by Oct. 15.

Information on these trips are available at the center. Always feel free to let Teagen know of your interests for programs and trips. So come on in and say hello and see what is happening.

Alice Cobb Rogers

Bellows Falls, Aug. 26

2nd American revolution

Editor of the Reformer:

I don’t know if anyone else has been following the Market Basket struggle over the last few weeks, but I have. While nothing is black and white, it sure seemed that the stars were aligned in favor of the "little guy." It may be naïve on my part but it seemed like an opening salvo in a much needed second American revolution. Here was "in your face" savage capitalism as it is practiced today versus a heroic group of employees and supportive customers laying out before us the basic crux of what is wrong with capitalism as it is practiced today.

On the one hand here was the Market Basket board of elites (Directors) overtly demonstrating their contempt and total lack of empathy of their employee’s right to participate in the functioning and rewards of this seemingly respected grocery chain. On the other hand there was a fired Chairman who seemed interested in fairness and the value of his employees’ contributions to company success as well as an interest in the well being of his employees. He wanted to continue valuing his workers through financial and human respect. He seemed to recognize the importance of his workers contributions in a company’s success rather than simply the value of the company’s stock and the bank accounts of the directors and the stockholders.

If it happens again it won’t be able to happen exactly the same way but this is what is going to be necessary if we want to end this madness where a corporation’s profits always trump the workers whose contributions bring financial value to the company. Again, it may be naïve of me, but it is definitely my hope that we can bring back the middle class. Some say it is a progressive’s way of redistributing wealth. Actually if it is anything it is a re-redistribution of wealth. Ever since Reagan and his handlers suckered us into believing he was interested in our well being, we have been on a downward spiral while the 1 percent took a fast trip to take it all. Where once the middle class participated in the successes of a business, now it is the business and its shareholders (especially the executives) who are the sole interest here.

We know there is a fair capitalist alternative. Just look at Ben and Jerry’s for example. It is my hope that this little spark of optimism will stay with us. There is absolutely no interest in the 1 percent in doing things differently. We are going to have to take it.

Gerry Gatz,

Brattleboro, Aug. 29


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