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Support for Balint, White

Editor of the Reformer:

The Democrat primary race for senator from Windham County has got me interested. I have my eye on two candidates. The first is Becca Balint. I’ve been reading Becca in the Reformer for quite some time now and something about her clarity and articulateness reminds me one of our great and former senator from Windham County, Rod Gander. Another similarity I’m reminded of is of Julie Peterson who was a state representative for a number of years from the Brattleboro area and continued in state government after being a legislator. Becca has a particular kind of intelligence that, like Julie’s, combines vision, commitment and the common sense that is needed for the work of statespersonship. So whether you vote absentee or Tuesday, Aug. 26, put a check for Becca.

And then there’s Jeanette White from out here in Putney who has worked hard as a reasonable voice for us here in Windham County for the past 12 years. Don’t forget to check that box also.

Eva Mondon,

Putney, Aug. 11

Support for White

Editor of the Reformer:

Jeanette White is an experienced and thoughtful legislator who has served Windham County well. Please vote for her hard, effective work on primary day, Aug. 26.

Mary Ann Clarkson,

Newfane, Aug. 15


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