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Decisions, decisions ...

Editor of the Reformer:

When I was just a young man I remember an older gent from the West Brattleboro area by the name of Edgar Lawton. This man told it the way he believed was right and said it from his heart. He loved town meetings and Selectboard meetings. I now think of him quite often because of the way the town is now being run.

I can’t believe this town is going through a third round of Town Manager search when Patrick Moreland has been managing the town for over a year and from all reports is doing a wonderful job. He did go through a budget session and seems to know the departments under him. I feel he should be given the opportunity to serve.

I also can’t believe the Selectboard appointed a site committee for the skatepark, ignored the findings, bypassed the rec board, and then went out for site visits themselves. They still cannot make a choice. Time is wasted.

We have a qualified interim chief of police, a local man who knows the department and community, a man who has also served our country with honor, but we still need a search committee to waste more time.

The new Citizen’s Bridge on Western Avenue is another Selectboard mess from the past. Is there a sign at or around that bridge that would identify it as the Citizen’s Bridge or was that left out in case the name is changed in the future? I still feel the decision was made unfairly. After it was put out to the public to find a name for the bridge the rules were suddenly changed and the name was chosen by the Selectboard with no further consideration of the suggestions provided by the public. I still feel it should have been been named for Capt. Giroux, who served in World War ll and the Korean War, and lost his life fighting for our country, dying in a prisoner of war camp.

For those of you who can still remember Edgar Lawton, you can see where my thoughts are coming from.

Richard J. Guthrie,

Brattleboro, Aug. 7

Let’s lower the voting age

Editor of the Reformer:

To the super supportive citizens of Brattleboro and surrounding towns that are aware of the initiative, the youth amendment petition for lowering the voting age to 16 in town matters has been completed and will be handed in to the town clerk before the deadline. Accordingly, as stated by charter, this item will be warned and placed on the ballot for a townwide vote.

With 11 percent of registered voters showing to elect town officials last March and 15 percent showing last April to vote on the budget, how many voters will attend the vote this time? Inquiring minds will attend. This passionate experience of meeting and connecting with people in town has been heartwarming, intriguing and most of all fun. Thank you to all whom were approached.

Out of more than 576 signatures, only just 422 are valid, as the differences were either not registered or having a different address than listed in the voter checklist. These people are still supporters and have been made aware of the discrepancy, as now the exact street address must match exact name on checklist, neither being a post office box or email. Some voters were just one number off. All are cordially invited to attend the celebration party arranged for Aug, 16, at the Brattleboro Common from 2 to 5 p.m. Rain date is set for Aug. 23, where Interplay will make an appearance, without rain. All are welcome to enjoy games, music and fun. Thanks for your warm support and encouragement, as we are just getting started. Empower younger voters. Facebookers like us at www.facebook.com/youngervoters?ref=hl.

Adrasteia K. Andrews,

Brattleboro, Aug. 7

Funding sought

Editor of the Reformer:

As we approach the end of summer, I’d like to remind people that the volunteers of the Southeastern Vermont Watershed Alliance will be putting away their river shoes, coolers, thermometers and other testing supplies. The early morning trips to the river to record conditions and take water samples will be replaced with seeking help to fund the program for another year.

This program has run for more than 10 years, providing the state with data on our local waterways, identifying areas that might be of concern and giving swimmers important information on the cleanliness of their favorite swimming hole.

As a volunteer with SeVWA I’d encourage those who share a passion for our rivers to consider becoming involved. You can find us at sevwa.volunteer@gmail.com.

Cristine A. White,

Newfane, Aug. 7

Kudos for Gaza editorial

Editor of the Reformer:

Thank you for your recent editorial on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians ("Is it apartheid?" July 17). It is seldom the Palestinian voice gets heard. The media has deserted its cause, which is tragic because it didn’t during Vietnam and it helped stop the carnage. Thank you for our daily paper and keep on standing up for what we’re supposed to stand for.

Anne Brinton,

Brattleboro, Aug. 8


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