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Silence equals complicity

Editor of the Reformer:

I am greatly dismayed that none of Vermont’s Congressional delegation have a public statement about the civilian death toll in Palestine. I understand the political reality of calling Israel to task for violating international law and indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent women and children. However, to say nothing makes you complicit and appears that you condone these actions. At a minimum, you can release a statement of sympathy for the loss of life on each side. At the most, you could wield your political capital to speak out against the injustice just as you spoke out against the Iraq War when others were blindly supporting it.

Israel is a powerful political force but what they are doing is a crime against humanity and it is a shame that no Washington politician is brave enough to be honest about that fact. Vermonters usually speak the truth despite the mainstream propaganda machine. As a Vermonter I hope that you will choose to speak out against Israel’s lopsided use of force and the dehumanization of Palestinian civilians instead of hiding silently in fear of the American Israel PAC (AIPAC) and its political demolition apparatus.

Jan Ameen,

Westminster, July 30

So long, Red Sox,
we’ll miss you

Editor of the Reformer:

The Red Sox gold mine is made of fairy dust. First, Ellsbury. Now, Lester. Even Lackey. All gone. So long, Red Sox. Been good to know you. Even cost me a new TV. And you want to know the best part? In southern Vermont we can’t even get you on the radio!

Alan O. Dann,

Marlboro, Aug. 1

A slight clarification

Editor of the Reformer:

First, let me thank Domenic Poli for his wonderful profile of Lois Steele Whidden and the Susan G. Komen Vermont and New Hampshire Rides for the Cure (July 30).

I’d like to clarify one piece of information, however. When I noted that Komen’s advertising and personnel costs are covered by corporate donations, as opposed to fundraising dollars, I was referring to the Komen national organization, in Dallas. Local affiliates, ours included, are responsible for their own overhead and operating expenses, which are kept to an absolute minimum.

Thanks very much again.

Michael Hudson,

Susan G. Komen VT-NH, July 30


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