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Support for Kane

Editor of the Reformer:

Without hesitation, I enthusiastically endorse Paul Kane for assistant judge in the upcoming Windham County Primary Aug. 26. I have had the privilege of knowing Paul most of my life and know him to be trustworthy, hardworking and knowledgeable. While he excels at any business or philanthropic venture he decides to undertake, it just so happens his skill set and experience are tailor-made for side judge in Windham County.

Paul is no stranger to the Windham County Courthouse. He has been an invaluable resource for Windham County lawyers for decades. He has worked for and with the Department of Corrections and the Department for Children and Families, writing a number of disposition plans and defending them in family court. He is highly trained in conflict resolution and highly experienced in social services. His sense of fairness and justice has directly benefitted the judicial system and this county for years.

There are two assistant judge positions to vote for in the Windham County Aug. 26 primary. Please join me in voting for Paul Kane for one of those seats.

Chris Moore,

Saxtons River, July 28

Proud to be

Editor of the Reformer:

"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few."

In a recent conversation regarding a proposed stone quarry in Halifax, a friend jokingly referenced the above quote spoken by Winston Churchill nearly 75 years ago. And though offered in jest, it resonated with me. This quarry, which will cut a hole into the very heart of one of southern Vermont’s finest tracts of roadless forest habitat, will profit one out-of-state landowner, plus his out-of-state partner. The rest of Halifax will be left with relentless noise, water pollution, tax increases to cover road damage, reduced property values, compromised wetlands, irreparable resource damage and permanent wildlife loss. Such a deal.

In cases like this there are always winners and losers. In a well-planned and sensible proposal the winners outnumber the losers. In this case, the numbers are more like two vs 500. Make sense? Well, it gets worse. The stone (which is destined for high-end kitchen counters) exists throughout Halifax and surrounding communities. So where does it end? In your back yard?

Speaking of back yards, a previous letter to the editor referred to people opposing this project as NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard). Well, duh. Exactly who is it that would want compressors, hammer drills, industrial generators, excavators, loaders and heavy trucks operating next door? Aside from the two applicants, I’m having a little difficulty coming up with the rest. Certainly, bear, moose, deer, bobcat and a host of other wildlife are not among them. So help me out here. Why should so many owe so much to so few?

Paul B. Taylor,

Halifax, July 30


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